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If you can't find the graphic you want in our archives, then try our custom Google site search (which appears in the top and bottom left hand corners of every upgraded page on our site).

Google will search all our pages as well as similar pages on the Net. This will often help you locate precisely the kind of graphic you're looking for fairly quickly.

You can also try our Resources section, which provides lists of many different kinds of graphics.

We haven't fully upgraded the Resources directory yet (so you may find some broken links there). But many visitors have told us over the years that it's been a great help to them.

It might be for you as well.

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We're Coming Back!
15th October 2009: Hello everyone! When we announced in September 2008 that we were coming back after an 8 year interval when we were called away to do other work, we had no idea that so many other things would intervene to throw our carefully laid plans right off the rails.

In the last 12 months we've undergone a major server upgrade that completely trashed our Resources directory (this has been restored to life today after 7 months of being a broken link). And in our private lives, we've been swamped with sooooo much work we really haven't had any sort of life to speak of.

However we're nothing if not persistent. So at the risk of rousing the ire of the God Of Hubris (who lies in wait on the Net to trip up anyone who pre-announces anything), we'd like you to know that despite the unexpected difficulties we've run into over the last year, we intend to carry on making over the Free Graphics Store.

As we did with the parts we've already upgraded, we'll try to minimise any inconvenience to you as much as possible and to make sure all our links work at all times. We also apologise in advance for the disconcerting effect you'll probably encounter moving between pages that have our new wide layout (like this one) and others have our old narrow layout (ie the old pages we haven't made over yet). This will last until we can make them over too. And we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Naturally, we welcome your feedback about what we're doing - so please feel free to email us if you have any ideas or suggestions about new features you'd like to see, or any errors you stumble across while the makeover is underway. We'll do our best to oblige!


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