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Super Software & Services
To Extend Your Web Site's Power!

The Internet is one of your most valuable design resources. Thousands of talented graphic artists and skilled programmers operate magnificent sites out there - and all our favourites have something to offer you.

This section points you to some of the very best web resources we know about. They offer you all sorts of fantastic bolt-ons and services that can extend the power of your site significantly. These are wonderful sites that always repay the time it takes for a visit. And if you're serious about designing a killer site, let's face it: you haven't got time to waste...

Web Software
If you want to build a great site, you need a few fundamental tools to do it: a good HTML editor, a good paint program, both major browsers, an image map editor, a GIF animator and probably an image cataloger. Our hands-on reviews show you where you can quickly obtain everything you need to become productive on a budget.
JavaScripts and CGI
Want to add JavaScripts or CGI to your site? These sites allow you to download dozens of pre-cut, pre-tested free JavaScripts and CGI routines right now. No programming required. Hey! Why reinvent the wheel?
Need some additional fonts? These wonderful sites allow you to download hundreds of free contemporary Windows and Macintosh fonts. Never run short of fonts again!
Webmaster Resources
Want to keep up with the latest in web design? Our guide to the best online webmaster ezines and resources lets you keep your finger on the pulse.
Other Graphics Libraries
We're not the only kid on the block! There are many fine graphics libraries on the Net, and we list thousands. If we don't have what you're looking for, someone else probably does. Find them right here!
Web Graphics Companies
Not all web graphics companies provide shareware or trialware copies of their products. But most of them have sites. Find all the mainstream ones here (along with many others who deserve more exposure!) 
Safe Colour Chart
When you design for the web you really need to use the browser-safe colour palette if you want your site to look good to all viewers, regardless of their browser or computer platform. See what the "browser-safe" palette is and grab a free copy right here!
Netscape's "Named" Colour Chart  New!
Need extra colours? This chart lists 140 additional "safe enough" browser colours you can use to extend the basic browser-safe colour palette. As with our safe colour chart, you can grab a free copy here too. 
HTML Editors
Don't have a web editor? Dissatisfied with the one you're using? There are hundreds of HTML editors out there, so there's probably several that are right for you. Explore your alternatives here. 
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