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CatStuff Graphics [4198] Hits   
Glenda Moore's awesome site is devoted solely to graphics of cats and contains more than 3,500 of them: cat animations, backgrounds, buttons, banners, clip art, icons, rules, page sets - even menus and navigation systems. Simply designed and fast to load, this sight is a delight to search through - and must be one of the largest cat image collections on the Net. All graphics are freeware for personal use only.
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Parrot Parrot's Bird Graphics [5638] Hits   
This site offers a small collection of bird backgrounds, animations and buttons. All graphics are available as linkware for personal or commercial use.
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Trumbull's Fire Fighting Clip Art [4631] Hits   
The Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company of Connecticut have assembled a page of fire-fighting clip art which contains over 60 images (some animated, some static). All images are public domain and freeware, and several are quite unique.
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Skylighter's Military Clip Art [4868] Hits   
This site offers a small but high-quality collection of military clip art. It includes several animations along with graphics for armour, warbirds, badges and patches. All images are public domain and freeware.
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Ribbon Rail's Historic Train Images [2834] Hits   
Ribbon Rail provide a very large collection of monochrome railroad clip art on their site. The images are GIFs and JPGs and may be more immediately suitable for DTP than the Net, but all images are freeware (link requested) and can be altered for Net use without permission. Themes include rolling stock, diesels, heralds, railroad people, signs, structures, and new and old (ie pre-1900) engines.
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Jesus' Fishnet Catholic Graphics [7157] Hits   
This unusual site houses a specialised collection of Catholic graphics (animations, themes, dividers, rules and scripture texts). The animation page on this site requires high bandwidth or the patience of Job to access, but the other graphics are high quality, often beautiful, and unique.
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Patricia's Free Christian Graphics [3138] Hits   
This site offers a collection of Christian strip backgrounds, crosses, symbols, and clip art as linkware for non-commercial use. The crosses and symbols offered here are quite striking.
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Cool Baby Graphics [3261] Hits   
Cool Baby Graphics specialise in graphics for children's web sites. This site also makes a small collection of baby images and baby (or child) themed web page sets available as freeware for personal use (link requested).
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Chocolate Of The Month [4755] Hits   
This very unusual site offers free chocolate graphics - a different selection every month. The graphics are gorgeous and can be used freely providing a link is made back to the source. Registration is required before the graphics can be accessed.
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The WWWeb Factory Flag Graphics [4843] Hits   
This site provides a themed collection of flag graphics: the US flag, US state flags, old US flags, a small collection of animated flags, and most international flags as well. The site also offers a small collection of MIDI files. All graphics are public domain and freeware.
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Fort Sill's Military Clip Art Library [3724] Hits   
This site - owned by the US Army's Fort Sill in Oklahoma - offers a vast collection of military clip art as GIFs, JPGs and WMF files. Topics include aircraft, branch insignia, crests and patches, equipment, flags, ships, weapons, people and more. Freeware.
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Neferkiki's Egyptian Graphics [1880] Hits   
This wonderfully eccentric site has a wide assortment of quality Ancient Egyptian web graphics, strip and tile backgrounds, hieroglyphs, dingbats and even an Ancient Egyptian font! All graphics are linkware for personal or educational use.
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Lions Graphics [1941] Hits   
Thos unusual site is devoted exclusively to graphics of lions. It contains 7 pages of lions clip-art, a page of animated lions graphics, and links to the official Lions Club logos page. A must for both Lions Club members and fans of large cats! All graphics are freeware.
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