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Shawn's Clip Art and Webateria [7932] Hits   
A large (and quite superb) collection of original, cartoon style clip art. Most images are available as GIFs for black and white backgrounds, grouped by subject area. Freeware for personal use.
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Creative Designs Clip Art Gallery [12694] Hits   
This site offers a medium-sized collection of cartoon-style clipart as freeware for non-commercial use. Themes include office, business, nature, sports, computers and recreation.
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Retro Ad Art [2757] Hits   
Retro Ad Art produce a CD-ROM containing one of the largest collections of authentic black & white 1950's-style ad cuts available. Over 1,800 hi-res bitmap images for Windows and Mac - but only available as a commercial product ($US179). This site provides extensive samples.
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Task Force's Free Clip Art [2883] Hits   
NVTech produce TaskForce Image Commander software and a CD-ROM of over 35,000 clip-art images (3,000 of them suitable for use on web sites) as a commercial product for $US40. However, they also make a lite version of their image viewing software and a few hundred images available on their site as freeware downloads.
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Noetic Art [5153] Hits   
A very large, original collection of cartoon-style clip art on an equally wide variety of themes (some animated). Also offers a smaller collection of original fonts and Paint Shop Pro tubes. Freeware (link requested)
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Inki's Clip Art [9525] Hits   
This site holds several hundred pieces of high-quality clip art - most of it coloured, and ready for web use. Artworks can be viewed onscreen, or picked off a list. All images are freeware for personal use. Nice!
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Iconomics [2218] Hits   
Now known as Stock Art (see
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Havana Street 1940s Clip Art [3483] Hits   
Havana Street are the world's biggest source of royalty free 1940s style clip art and fonts - and they retail a large number of CD volumes of their work for around US$59 each. They also make a small selection of their work - 20 Krazy Kids! - available on their site as freeware. Delightful!
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Original Country Clip Art [2028] Hits   
A very large collection of original, high quality, cartoon style clip art (including web page sets) on rural themes. Lnkware for personal use.
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Cartoon Clips [2672] Hits   
An archive of original cartoon clip art by cartoonist Jon Paul Berti. Linkware for personal use.
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Barry's Clip Art Server [6975] Hits   
One of the Net's largest categorised collections of high quality cartoon-like clip art images on an extensive range of themes. Many are monochrome, but just as many are colorised and as suitable for web use as DTP. Also includes several hundred animated GIFs. Freeware (link requested) Awesome!
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Lena's Graphics [4906] Hits   
A medium-sized collection of original cartoon-style clip art. Themes include animals, angels and fairies, people, kitchen, signs and buttons. Linkware for personal use.
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FreeClipArt.Com [12852] Hits   
This site offers a collection several hundred public domain clip art images as freeware for personal or commercial use. Topics include animals, horror, cartoons, computers, construction, email, bullets, flags, music, space, sports and vehicles.
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