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Cartoon Cottage [2102] Hits   
A family fun site filled with free cartoon graphics, animated baby names in white and ethnic, babies, kids, funny and goofy animations, holiday graphics, wheelchairs and much more. Requests are taken for baby name animations not listed in the site too.
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WebDeveloper.Com's Animations [5612] Hits   
This site (part of Internet.Com's suite of online properties) offers 350 animations as freeware for non-commercial use. All animations are categorised alphabetically.
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Kitty Roach's Animations [3364] Hits   
A large variety of original animations (many in cartoon style) on a range of common themes, as well as some that are truly unique. Linkware for personal use.
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NetM GIF Animations [2731] Hits   
A small but well-presented archive of public domain animations. Slightly less than 100 items, plus additional resource links.
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GIF Animation Archive [3377] Hits   
Holds over 600 royalty-free copyrighted animated GIFs, free for use on non-commercial web sites only. A very well-organised archive with a wealth of additional information on GIF animation, PhotoShop and DTP tools and techniques.
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Millanimations [9682] Hits   
Camilla Eriksson's charming site has more than 200 original cartoon-style animated gifs, classified by categories. Themes include love, people, flowers, animnals, dogs, cats, babies, children, aliens, computers and many more. Images are freeware for personal or non-profit use (link requested).
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Living Graphics [2773] Hits   
A large collection of original, high-quality animations for white, black or transparent backgrounds. Fast thumbnail viewing. Freeware (link requested).
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KookyArt.Com [2432] Hits   
A medium-sized collection of original animated GIFs for white, black and transparent backgrounds. No particular themes. Freeware for personal use.
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Hilton Imaging [5148] Hits   
This Top 50 UK site offers a large array of original, photo-realistic animations. Themes include animals, space, fantasy, flames, office, sky and weather and miscellaneous. Also has animated text and 3D animated cannons, swords, weapons and shields. Linkware for personal or business use.
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Animated GIF Finder [2215] Hits   
Michael Shaikun's site catalogues over 1200 gif animations in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. All animations are freeware for personal use and are supplied by members of the Animated GIF Artists Guild.
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Denton's Dimensions [2547] Hits   
A very large collection of raytraced animations (1200+) - so good that Xoom licensed quite a few of them for its own collections. Also has a medium-sized collection of seamless tile backgrounds and several animated navigation sets as well. Linkware for personal or commercial use.
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ARG! Toons [2100] Hits   
More than 1,000 free animated GIFs in cartoon style on a wide variety of themes. Contains extensive animation resources and an animation chat board as well.
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Arcadia Animations [6869] Hits   
This site offers close to 500 public domain animations categorised by theme, along with 84 backgrounds. Topics include Star Trek, cartoons, valentines, aliens, animals, babies, body parts, email, festive, flags, flames, household items and more. Freeware.
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Animation Library [2806] Hits   
A large collection of over 4,000 free animations plus articles, reviews and tutorials. Also offers a facility to send animations as electronic postcards.
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Animation Factory [3024] Hits   
Animation Factory were originally owned by Andover Net and at that time offered one of the largest single collections of animated GIFs on the Internet (12,000+). However they've since been acquired by Jupiterimages and the site now offers in excess of 500,000 beautiful animations - but only by subscription. Membership is US$59.95 per annum but in exhange you can download their entire inventory if you wish! And if you're looking for truly professional, high quality animations this site is still essential viewing. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Animation Creations [2298] Hits   
Global Presence offer 300 largely original animated gifs as freeware for personal or commercial use, broken down into a dozen categories. The site also has a number of animation collections available on ROM for $US10 each.
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Animation Arthouse [1958] Hits   
Lisa Konrad's small but unique collection of original, animated GIFs from the UK features dragons, mandalas, ravens, caterpillars, snakes and spiders. This site also has a (very) small collection of animated rules. Linkware for personal or commercial use.
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