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SilhouetteOnline [2240] Hits   
Silhouette graphics art software instantly converts black and white or colour bitmap images into vector designs ready for use. Silhouette is available as standalone application and as plugin for Adobe Illustrator and comes in both Mac and Windows versions. Available as 15-day free trialware.
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WebTrends [1618] Hits   
Manufacturers of one of the best-known log analysis/site statistics packages for web sites. Trialware downloads of WebTrends products are available on site.
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WebGenie Software [1649] Hits   
Manufacturers of CGI and Java-based ecommerce products including CGIStar Pro, SiteSponsor, BannerShow, GuestBook, SiteSleuth, LinkLaunch and MailWiz. Most products are available as trialware.
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WWWebReady.Com [3074] Hits   
Manufacturers of GIFFY, an easy-to-use GIF animator that converts animations from BMP, GIF, AVI, FLC and ANM files; re-maps GIF's to the safe web palette; and optimizes file sizes as much as 80%. Commercial software only.
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Stoik Software [1772] Hits   
Manufacturers of Picture Man, Painter, Art Gallery, Rubber, Album, Imagic, Video Man, Morph Man and Deformer, as well as Adobe PhotoShop plugins. Many freeware and trialware downloads are available onsite.
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Spinwave Software [2232] Hits   
Manufacturers of JPEG Cruncher and GIF Cruncher, two image compression programs for web authors. This is commercial software, but trialware downloads of both are available. Spinwave also make free online image compression facilities available on their site. Also manufacturers of HVS Colorgif 2.0 and HVS JPEG 2.0 (plugins for Adobe PhotoShop).
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Sierra [1683] Hits   
Sierra are probably best-known for their games and home productivity software - but they also make a small range of web-related titles including Web Studio 2 and some graphics CDs. Their site allows you to obtain snapshot information on all their products and make purchases through their online store.
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Riada International [1493] Hits   
Australian manufacturers of commercial web Java applets including Riada Cartel, Vivo, Linx and many others. Most products are available as trialware and are very modestly priced.
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Alchemy Mindworks Inc [1914] Hits   
Manufacturers of GIF Construction Set (for GIF animations), Graphic Workshop (for general paint and graphics work), Font Wrangler (a TrueType font manager), Screen Saver Construction Set (for building screen-savers) and several other useful utilities - most available as shareware.
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Kamit Software [1555] Hits   
The manufacturer of GIFConverter, a Mac shareware tool for viewing and converting different web and DTP graphics file formats.
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Pegasus Imaging [1511] Hits   
Manufacturers of JPEG Wizard and several other programs to produce highly compressed JPGs and video for online applications. Available as shareware (NB: You can try out Pegasus' online JPG compression utility for free at
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Ipswitch Inc [1358] Hits   
Manufacturers of WS-FTP and IMail Server. WS-FTP LE is distributed as freeware for non-profit and educational institutions. Most other products are available as trialware.
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Group 42 [1288] Hits   
Manufacturers of WebImage, I Spy and Graph-X - three award-winning web image creation, cataloging and conversion programs. Commercial software only.
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fCoder Group [1213] Hits   
fCoder manufacture several Windows programs for both amateur and professional web authors - primarily HTML editors and image processors. These include ImageConverter Plus, AutoGraphics HTML, HTML Publisher Pro, PhotoMix, GIFfyBatch, BackFlip, 2JPEG, 2GIF, 2TIFF, 2Bitmap, Thnimage, ViewPad and HiMetric. Most programs are available as trialware downloads and are modestly priced.
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Extensis Products Group [1265] Hits   
Extensis produce a wide range of add-on tools for the graphics design industry, with particular specialty areas in PhotoShop plug-ins (for Mac and Windows) and the BeyondPress extension for Quark. Many Extensis products are available as trialware, and the company also makes several very useful freeware tools available onsite as well - including the wonderful PhotoBevel and PhotoText plug-ins for Adobe PhotoShop.
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Electric Rain Inc [1327] Hits   
Manufacturers of FontFX, FoxtFX Express, Swift 3D and Electric Motion 3D - all Windows 3D programs.
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Equilibrium Software [1441] Hits   
Manufacturers of DeBabelizer and DeBabelizer LE for Windows and Mac platforms. A trialware version of DeBabelizer is also available on this site.
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Corel [2100] Hits   
Manufacturers of both graphics and office productivity software. The home of Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, CorelXara and Corel Ventura for Windows and Mac. Fully commercial software.
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CoffeeCup Software [952] Hits   
Manufacturers of the CoffeeCup HTML web page editor, distributed as shareware.
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Boxtop Software [1289] Hits   
Manufacturers of PhotoGIF, ImageVoice, ColorSafe, GIFMation and ProJPEG tools for Windows and Mac. Boxtop makes many of its products available as trialware downloads too!
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