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DD Title [1472] Hits   
A simple (but surprisingly powerful) tool for applying an almost infinite range of special effects to Truetype text and graphic objects (eg: neon glow, 3D, fill colour, bevel, outline etc). Originally developed as a TV titles generator. For Win95/98 or NT 4.0. Trialware.
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LView Pro [1480] Hits   
One of the Net's earliest graphics packages, LView has continued to evolve over the years into a very powerful, fully-featured image editing program. The latest version incorporates a slew of web-centric features, and is distributed as trialware
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Paint Shop Pro [1460] Hits   
One of the most popular graphics programs in the world. Paint Shop Pro was originally distributed as shareware, but more recent versions have been distributed as trialware and have taken on a great deal of the look and feel of Adobe PhotoShop. Powerful, useful and (if you can't afford PhotoShop) a very worthwhile alternative. [Note: Jasc Software were acquired by Corel so PSP is now a Corel product]
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Behemot Graphics Editor [1433] Hits   
An advanced graphics editor which allows 3D modelling and the rendering of 3D objects and scenes. Runs on Windows 3.x/95/NT and Linux. Also allows animation effects via Prolog. Provides wireframe or shaded modelling features, and can export in VRML or MPEG too. Freeware.
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