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The WebWizard Interactive WebPage Maker [2053] Hits   
WebWizard is a new browser-based program which works with Netscape/Firefox or Internet Explorer to generate HTML pages fairly easily. Designed for novices who are learning HTML, the program is available as shareware. You can view an onscreen demonstration or download the software on-site.
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BestAddress HTML Editor [2195] Hits   
Multimedia Australia's fully featured HTML editor BestAddress has won more than 20 awards. It offers both WYSIWYG and code-based editing and other features include syntax colouring, code checking, file uploading, code auto-completion, templates, site projects and code references for HTML 4.01 and CSS2. Available as a free trialware download from MA's website.
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HotDog [1350] Hits   
HotDog was the first truly serious HTML editor in the world and continues to command a huge and loyal base of users. HotDog is now a fully commercial product, but manufacturers Sausage Software often make trialware downloads of their other web products available onsite.
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WebEdit HTML Editor [1212] Hits   
Formerly Ken Naisbitt's award-winning web page editor, now owned by Sandiego.Com. Available as shareware for Windows 3.x and 95
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PageSpinner [1448] Hits   
This Mac shareware HTML editor supports HTML 3.2 and 4.0 and can be extended with Applescripts. Tucows gave it a 5-star rating, which is well merited.
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HoTMetaL [1290] Hits   
HoTMetal was one of the earliest HTML WYSIWYG editors and has been continuously developed ever since its release. The original developers were acquired by Corel in 2002 and it's now a very powerful and fully commercial product available as 30-day trialware.
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1st Page 2000 [1354] Hits   
Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000 is a freeware HTML and script editor that provides an enormous range of features (eg: image weight calculation, colour syntax highlighting, hex colour picker, HTML compression, compatibility with Perl, ASP, ColdFusion etc) and comes complete with more than 450 JavaScripts and a wide range of wizards. Suitable for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.
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BBEdit [1324] Hits   
A leading HTML editor for Mac users. Available in both full commercial and reduced-feature freeware or trialware versions. BareBones also have several other useful downloads for Mac enthusiasts, including their MailSmith web mailing list manager.
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Arachnophilia [1524] Hits   
Arachnophilia is a powerful web site workshop for Windows 95/98 or NT. The program supports frames, java, javascript and Perl. It also has as 120K-word spellchecker, support for 6 browsrs and global search and replace built in, and offers a slew of advanced features and online tutorials. Amazingly, it's distributed as freeware.
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Dreamweaver [1245] Hits   
Macromedia's all-conquering web editor of 1999 was acquired by Adobe in 2005 (along with the rest of the company). This is a purely commercial product, but is available as 30-day trialware from Adobe's site. DreamWeaver is a powerful web site editor that integrates seamlessly with other Adobe web authoring products - but like virtually all of Adobe's other professional web editing products (eg: Photoshop, Flash) it has a steep learning curve.
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MS FrontPage [1146] Hits   
Microsoft's web editor - truly awful when first released, progressively better with subsequent versions - is still probably the fastest way to generate sites that visitors will look at and say "Oh, you did this in FrontPage!" Great for moms and pops. But serious web professionals will really need to look elsewhere....
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