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Opera [1871] Hits   
This lightweight commercial browser from Norway has drawn a lot of favourable reviews since its debut for its small size, speed and support for Net standards. Available as 30-day trialware in multiple languages and for multiple operating systems too!
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Firefox [1451] Hits   
Netscape was the first mass-market browser and (to many) still the best. It now exists as the Firefox browser and to many people it's still the best web browser. It's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and you can enhance it with a wide range of add-ons. Freeware.
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Internet Explorer [1219] Hits   
It took Microsoft right up to a version 5.x release to come up with a browser comparable to Netscape (which is now Firefox) but IE is now used by 80% of more of the Net. his isn't because it's necessarily superior to other web browsers but because it's bundled with every copy of Windows. Freeware. Available for all Windows platforms and Mac.
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Lynx Text Browser [1154] Hits   
This long-established text-only browser has a small but devoted following. Allows you to see your site as it appears to visitors in truly "bare bones" mode. Runs on Unix, VMS, Win95/98/NT, DOS and OS/2. Freeware.
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