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Sofcom [1616] Hits   
Sofcom ar one of Australia's largest domestic search engines (they list Australian sites only). They also selects a "Pick Of The Day" which is usually given additional exposure in their "Picks Of The Week" column in the site's weekly email newsletter. Listing is free.
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Go.Com [1116] Hits   
Go.Com (formerly Infoseek) is one of the world's largest search engines. It uses a spider to index sites. Go.Com generally update their files on a monthly basis.
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Excite [1096] Hits   
Excite are one of the world's top 10 search engines and now operate many country-specific versions in addition to their home site (they also own Webcrawler). Apart from listing your site, they also have free content available which can earn you advertising points if displayed on your own site. Excite began drifting towards charging for listings in 2000 (they draw some content from LookSmart) but they still list non-US sites in their offshore mirrors fairly rapidly.
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AAA Matilda [1327] Hits   
One of Australia's oldest domestic search engines, AAA lists Australian and world sites and has numerous additional site promotion opportunities (including a free multi-engine submission service).
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Search66 [1191] Hits   
Search66 is a metacrawler. We built it ourselves to overcome the drawbacks of traditional metacrawlers and it's probably the most comprehensive way to find anything on the Net in Australia (or globally) first time, every time.
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