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Tripod [1492] Hits   
Tripod - like GeoCities - are one of the Net's oldest free hosting services and are now owned by Lycos. They offer free 50Mb web sites, a site-builder, lots of bolt-ons and can support full domains as well. (Basic membership is free - higher services attract fees). Against this, the service is advertising-supported with obnoxious pop-up ads and Lycos are losing huge amounts of money - so how long Tripod will continue in its present form is open to question.
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Swift Desk [1853] Hits   
Swift Desk offer an array of free services for their members, including free web-based email, hosting, file storage, website tools, bookmarks, Mp3s, a calendar/planner and more. Swift Desk's service is available for individuals only; the company have a strict anti-spam policy; and accounts can be terminated for inactivity.
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Xoom [1323] Hits   
Xoom were a well-known free hosting service until October 2000 until they were subsumed by NBCi. NBCi now offer similar free hosting services to Xoom - including 500Mb of storage, and free page-building and site building tools - to members.
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Hypermart [1324] Hits   
Hypermart are part of the Go2Net netywork of sites. They offer free 20Mb web sites with bolt-on ecommerce capabilities (eg: shopping cart, credit card processing, template storefronts etc). The service is available to businesses only; is advertising-supported; and any site can be arbitrarily terminated if it records no activity for 15 days. Free sites are generally assigned a Hypermart sub-domain, but full domain hosting is also available.
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Spree [1433] Hits   
Spree are a free web hosting service who offer members unlimited disk space, a directory manager, page counters, guest books, a file upload utility, html guide and link generator. Against this, Spree are essentially a marketing network of merchants who encourage member sites to sell sell their products on commission. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you have no interest in selling other people's products it may be worthwhile considering other free hosting services instead.
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Yahoo GeoCities [1147] Hits   
GeoCities was the first free hosting service on the Net and is probably still the best-known. It was acquired by Yahoo in 1999. Yahoo provide 15Mb of free disk space, page building robots, a variety of free bolt-ons (guestbooks etc) and FTP access to your site. Against this, all sites are advertising supported and by joining you give Yahoo the right to alter its Terms of Service at any time (and in any way) - an extremely open-ended contract.
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Freeservers [1142] Hits   
Freeservers began in 1999. They offer 20mb of disk space, easy page building tools, web-based email and a Freeservers' subdomain URL and claim to host 1.5 million web sites. The comany also provides full domain hosting. Against this, all sites are advertising-supported with *huge* banners and the company is less than direct about its terms of service - but they include termination of a site if it's inactive for 60 days; a proviso against displaying any ads other than Freeserver's own compulsory banner; and the usual unilateral right to alter the TOS at any time and in any way.
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