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J-Perk [1603] Hits   
McWeb Software's J-Perk is a Java program that makes adding any one of up to 30 special Java effects to your web pages quick and easy - just type the text you want to use and hit a few buttons! This Windows 95/98/NT software won 5-star ranking from ZD-Net and a trialware version is available on-site. Full registration is $US35.
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BlueJ [1444] Hits   
BlueJ is an integrated Java development environment specifically designed for teaching object-oriented programming with Java. It was developed at Monash University in Australia and is suitable for both teachers and individuals who want to learn or use Java. Freeware!
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Sun's Java Centre [1490] Hits   
Sun invented Java, and their site provides the most comprehensive technical specifications and back-end support for the language. You can also obtain a wide range of Java developments tools and products here - many free - and a large number of free applets as well. An essential bookmark if you're a serious Java developer.
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1 Cool Button Tool [1399] Hits   
Formula Graphics' 1 Cool Button Tool is a Java applet you can use to build pop-up menus, mouseover buttons, navigation systems and other types of Java applets quickly and simply. This fully commercial product retails for $US30, but a trialware version that stamps "Unregistered" on images is available onsite.
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