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db4o - database for objects [1566] Hits   
db4o - database for objects - is a fast Java object database. A footprint of 80 kB saves device memory and allows online-download. Query-By-Example minimizes resource consumption and improves performance. Automatic object recognition permits zero-admin deployment. Integration with the Java programming language omits driver overhead and maximizes speed. db4o supports Java Web Start. db4o is threadsafe and runs in servlet environments like Tomcat. db4o is free for non-commercial use.
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OpenCube Inc [1534] Hits   
OpenCube manufacture a wide-ranging collection of commercial Java applets (many unique) covering most common site requirements: menuing systems, scrolling newsfeeds etc. However, some excellent freeware and shareware applets are also available at this site.
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JavaPowered.Com [2088] Hits   
This site offers a vast number of java applets (many unique). Applet categories include special effects, games, image and text effects, navigation and utilities. 98% of the applets here are freeware - and the site has a useful online tutotial on Java as well.
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JARS [1245] Hits   
JARS (the Java Applet Rating Service) is one of the largest and best-known sources of Java applets on the Net. It rates thousands of applets in a wide range of categories and provides valuable additional resources for seriously committed Java developers. Awesome!
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Dziners.Com's Free Java Applets [2337] Hits   
This heavily java-driven site offers 6 original, unique java applets as branded freeware - including StarsMenu 2000 (which opens their site), a pop-up menu applet, fireworks, a ticker applet and more. Original.
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Durius Java Applets [1588] Hits   
Durius make a small selection of Java applets (bump, lens, twirl, water and waterpic) which you can download from their site and try out for free. All the freeware applets link back directly to the site - but full registration to remove the link is available for a modest $US10 per applet.
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Java Web Spigots [1940] Hits   
David Griffiths' UK site has 16 wonderful Java applets you can download, including the popular Lake and Snow applets along with several that are quite unique. All applets are linkware for personal or commercial use.
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Sirius' Java Applets [1535] Hits   
UK Java developers Sirius have 3 freeware and several trialware Java applets available for download on their site - including fading images, fading text, a tree view navigation system, multi-line scrolling text and typewriter effects. The applets form part of much larger professional collections the company has for sale.
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Webmoments Java Applets [1645] Hits   
Webmoments provide 22 freeware java applets for downloading on their site (including the popular Lake and Snow applets), along with clear explanations about how to implement each one. Nifty!
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Java Applets.Com [1576] Hits   
Black Lab Design have a large collection of Java applets available on their site. The applets include tickers, navigation, time/date and special effect functions, as well as an archive of older applets. All applets are available as shareware, and the complete registered collection (which is composed of even smaller files) retails for $US35.
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Codebrain.Com [1390] Hits   
Codebrain are a large free Java applet site. Their enormous web covers all aspects of Java, and they also offer a small collection of useful Javascripts and Perl scipts as well. Many of the applets displayed here are at the leading edge of current development. Fascinating!
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