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Compact Index of HTML Tags [1343] Hits   
The Willcam Group and Gregory Consulting have produced this marvellous (and very compact) index of all the HTML tags. The index lists which tags are available in the 3.x and 4.x browsers, along with proprietary Netscape and IE extensions (on related lists). An intelligently organised and invaluable resource.
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WebFAQ.Net [2295] Hits   
This unique site is a fully-searchable collection of FAQs (copied and/or indexed from other sources) related to key aspects of web development. Topics include Perl, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, HTML and web graphics. Bright, fast, helpful and unique!
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W3Schools.Com [1160] Hits   
This wonderful Norwegian site contains extensive tutorials on basic HTML, CSS, scripting, DHTML, ASP, XML, XHTML (the official successor to HTML) and much more. Most of its content is clear, well-written and highly accessible.
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Simply Web Design [1392] Hits   
This site contains extensive HTML tutorials and lots of tips and tricks on a wide range of web-related topics for novice webmasters. The site's primary focus is on beginners and its copy is clear, concise and instructive.
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PageTutor.Com [1442] Hits   
This large site focusses on plain-English HTML tutorials for all levels (from absolute beginner to advanced). It also contains a useful list of web resources. Most of the site's content is also available in book and CD format for a small fee.
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Writing HTML - A Tutorial [1258] Hits   
The Maricopa Community College has produced an excellent tutorial on writing HTML which is an ideal introduction to web authoring for almost anybody. Content is clear, concise, well-written, authoritative and up to date - and versions are also available in Spanish, Icelandic, Korean, Japanese and Italian.
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The HTML Reference Library [3786] Hits   
The HTML reference Library is a definitive reference that documents what HTML elements are actually supported by the current Netscape, IE and Mosaic browsers (rather than what is theoretically supported - there's often a significant difference!). This is a sterling work of scholarship, but the freeware download available on the site requires that you have at least IE4.x on your machine and is only available for Windows users.
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Compendium Of HTML Elements [1173] Hits   
This unusually useful site catalogs all the HTML elements and attributes, and provides an invaluable resource to the latest HTML standards (both official and emerging).
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Dynamic HTML Guru [1156] Hits   
Jeff Rouyer's amazing site is dedicated to DHTML and a demonstration of some of its possibilities. It contains DHTML tutorials, templates, resources and references... and really needs to be seen to be appreciated.
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