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The Hoefler Type Foundry [2090] Hits   
A NY commercial design studio that specialises in the design of original typefaces. Font faces may be purchased online. Commercial only.
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FontNet [2723] Hits   
A huge UK site for professional typographers. Offers primarily commercial fonts, but has a number of Mac and Windows fonts and font tools available as free downloads.
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Sunwalk Fonts [3946] Hits   
Andy Krahling's Sunwalk Fonts provide more than 40 free truetype fonts for non-commercial use, as well as a wide range of commercial fonts and custom font design services. Sunwalk's free fonts cover handwriting, normal and strange styles, as well as some true oddities (like national flags and sideways fonts) - but there are certainly a few gems here!
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Purple Crayons Design [2960] Hits   
Purple Crayons are a NY web design firm. The design section of their site offers almost 60 free TrueType fonts as downloads.
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Agfa Monotype Studio [1912] Hits   
The very large commercial site provides an equally large number of fonts - but no giveaways. Fonts can be searched for by name, foundry or author, and are supplied in Postscript Type1 format for PCs or Macs. Fonts can also be ordered and delivered online. A good place to search if you really need a font at all costs.
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MatchFonts [6293] Hits   
MatchFonts are a commercial typography house who have a large range of text, display, calligraphic and foreign fonts for sale. However, they also make shareware versions of 14 of their fonts available on site - including zany Halloween and dinosaur sets. Downloads are available for both Windows or Mac in Truetype, ATM1 or PostScript formats.
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Surface Type [5740] Hits   
Surface Type are a professional type design studio that offer several useful Windows TrueType and Macintosh fonts as freeware downloads: Acidic, Bountiful, Bounty, Gouge, Ozlo and Slurry.
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Kiwi Media Inc [2054] Hits   
Kiwi Media are commercial typographers. They make over 15 of their fonts available as shareware downloads on site. Fonts are supplied in both Windows and Mac formats.
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Fonthead Design [2211] Hits   
Fonthead Design are a professional type design studio who retail a large range of commercial type faces on CD-ROMs. Their site also offers several excellent faces (such as Spillmilk, GoodDog, Holstein and others) as free downloads in Windows and Mac formats, along with a tutorial on how to create fonts and a large list of font software links.
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