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Dingbat Depot [2914] Hits   
Dingbat Depot offer an extensive range of freeware dingbat truetype fonts categorised both alphabetically (ie by font name) and thematically (ie by font theme - for example, animal dingbats or food dingbats), which makes it very easy to find a dingbat font you may be looking for. This is a clean, fast-loading and well-designed site that's a pleasure to visit. Well worth a look! Last reviewed: December 2007
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TopFont.Com [2561] Hits   
Offers 25 TrueType fonts, ranked according to download popularity. Freeware.
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FontSite [6683] Hits   
This gorgeous site is really a font ezine. It contains lots of articles about fonts and font design, a font bookstore, the "rules of typography" and a large archive of past articles. It also offers a great (if small) collection of downloadable shareware fonts in both Windows and Mac formats, including the incredibly useful CombiNumerals font that will produce bulleted numbers. A CD of 500+ fonts is also available here for $US29.95.
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Fontopolis [2301] Hits   
This charming site offers new TrueType fonts every other day and has a very large archive of fonts (and several font utilities) available as freeware downloads. Archived fonts can be searched alphabetically or by style.
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Font Garden [2166] Hits   
Font Garden offer 1000+ TrueType and Postcript fonts as freeware, along with a help forum and 300 dingbats. New fonts are posted regularly.
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FontFrame [7796] Hits   
This large, well-designed site offers more than 700 freeware Windows and Mac fonts along with a free daily font, background data on type and typography, a free email newsletter and quite a lot more. Impressive!
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FontFace [1777] Hits   
FontFace contains a library of hundreds of freeware and shareware TrueType fonts you can download on-screen. This very large, fast-loading site allows you to search for fonts by name and stocks many unique font styles.
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1Fonts.Com [1922] Hits   
Offers over 900 TrueType and Mac fonts. Also has extensive newsletter mailing lists. Freeware.
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1001 Free Fonts [1814] Hits   
This vast site has 1000+ free TrueType fonts available for download - along with links to many other web resources. Owner Jason Nolan updates the site with new fonts regularly as well.
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This site offers several hundred freeware and shareware TrueType fonts, classified alphabetically by font name. The site is fast-loading and easy to navigate.
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Fontastic! [1645] Hits   
A magnificent font archive from Europe that holds literally hundreds of high-quality freeware and shareware TrueType fonts, all available as downloads. Also has links to some other great font repositories.
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Toxic Type [1505] Hits   
Rob Dobi's Toxic Type offers more than 10 of his original, striking Windows TrueType fonts as free downloads.
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Total Eclipse Design's Fonts [1933] Hits   
This site offers over 150+ TrueType fonts as freeware. All fonts are arranged alphabetically. The site also offers a small collection of font utility downloads including TT Converter (which will convert TrueType fonts to Mac format)
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Type Euphoria [2058] Hits   
This wonderfully designed site offers over 1000 fonts in a wide range of styles. Type Euphoria also has a search engine to allow you to search for fonts by name; software to help you manage, use and create fonts; and a large resources section. All fonts are TrueType and freeware. Excellent!
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Katgyrl's Fontain of Youth [5951] Hits   
This gorgeously presented site offers 50 TrueType fonts, a unique collection of dingbats (including X-Files, Star Wars, seasonal and halloween ones) and downloadable font utilities and tools. All fonts - and related font software - are free.
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