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Matt's Script Archive [5844] Hits   
Matt's Script Archive provides more than 20 freeware Perl scripts for everyday web site applications such as counters, bulletin boards, guestbooks, formmail, free-for-all links and others. All programs are well documented, and the scripts are amongst the most widely-used on the Net.
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Master Webpage Mailer [1643] Hits   
Master WebPage Mailer is a freeware CGI script which allows your site's visitors to email the contents of a web page to their friends. The script allows you to determine which parts of the page get mailed and the text formatting of the email - without engaging in any extra work. Unique!
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Ultimate Bulletin Board [1680] Hits   
Probably the world's best-known commercial bulletin board, used by many of the world's largest sites. The full version of UBB is a commercial product, but a slightly cut-down freeware version (upgradable to the full one) is available on site.
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SiteMap [1221] Hits   
Sierra Kempster's nifty SiteMap CGI script creates an "on the fly" site map for your web site. It works by reading in data from a nominated file. It sets up a site index based on that information, then draws the (user-configurable) output page. Very useful if your site's large and alters its content frequently. Freeware.
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EZScripting.Com [1365] Hits   
This site offers a set of freeware CGI/Perl scripts to manage databases. All scripts are designed for easy customisation and are suitable for building anything from search engines to very specilized directories. This site also has users forums and online demos available.
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e-Classifieds [1345] Hits   
Hagen Software make some of the best online classified scripts available - and sell them for $US79 up to $US999. However, they also make a freeware version of their product available to educational and non-profit organisations. We've installed one of these scripts ourselves and can verify e-classifieds merits the praise heaped on it by over 30,000 customers.
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FAQ-O-Matic [1329] Hits   
FAQ-O-Matic is a freeware Perl script that automates the process of maintaining a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. It's also very useful as an online help desk application, bug-tracking database or documentation system. Developed at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, FAQ-O-Matic is distributed under a GNU public licence.
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MailForm [2191] Hits   
Mailform is a CGI program that allows anyone who has a web page to create online submission forms. When the form is filled out, you receive an email of the complete contents of the form. Mailform Version 1 is free to the public. Not suited for unsecure orders.
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CGI Poll [1591] Hits   
This bare-bones online poll program allows you to operate multiple online polls at once from a single interface. Although the script contains almost no HTML (you'll need to add your own if you want a more attractive interface), this robust Perl script is easy to set up and executes quickly.
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Matt Kruse's Calendar Script [1676] Hits   
Matt Kruse's freeware calendar script allows you to integrate a full events calendar into your site quickly and simply. Calendars operate off HTML templates and very little knowledge of CGI/Perl is required to get the system operational. Multiple calendars can be run off the same script - and they work equally well in Netscape and IE too. Impressive!
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Caspan Scripts [1289] Hits   
This site offers several freeware CGI scripts including graphical and textual counters, a simple database script, an email form script and a bulk mailing script, amongst others. Caspan also provide custom CGI programming services.
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Matt's Script Archive [1200] Hits   
Matt Wright's free CGI scripts have become world-famous in the last few years. This site offers 16 fundamental Perl scripts for guestbooks, bulletin boards, counters, form mail and more! Also has several C++ and HTMLscript applications as well.
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