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The Counter.Com [1937] Hits   
Intenet.Com's counter service provides free, in-depth daily traffic reports which track the number of visitors to your web site along with refferers, browser popularity, operating system and more - simply by adding a few lines of HTML code to your web page. The service is entirely free and counters are available in multiple styles.
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Site Tracker [1204] Hits   
Site Tracker is an advertising-supported page counter and site statistics service. You can activate the service by inserting a small snippet of HTML code in your web page - and can remove the accompanying banner ad for a $5.95 monthly fee if you wish. Site Tracker provides a comprehensive set of site statistics, including hourly traffic breakdowns based on your own time zone.
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Honesty Counters [1272] Hits   
This unusual site offers free counters - not just for web pages but also for eBay, Amazon, Gold and Yahoo auction sites. Counters come in a variety of styles and all of them provide detailed statistics. The service itself is freeware.
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HitBox [1306] Hits   
WebsideStory were one of the first companies to offer a free web page counter service, and their easily-implemented HitBox counter records up to 500 different statistics about traffic to your site. The service is available as freeware or can be obtained commercially for a small monthly fee (in which case the HitBox image doesn't appear on your site).
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WebTracker [1606] Hits   
WebTracker is a free add-on counter service from FX Technologies. It allows you to count visitors to your home page and gain informative data on what browser they're using, the operating system they're running, and considerably more. Statistics are updated in real time. Easy to install and operate too.
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