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Logovisions [1519] Hits   
Logovisions are a UK design firm that specialise in the creation of logos - quickly, inexpensively and professionally. Their web site explains exactly what they do and how they do it, and it also contains many examples of their work along with client testimonials.
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If you produce ebooks or related informational products and need graphics to accompany your sales copy, this unique site will produce them for you for a modest fee.'s site outlines exactly what they do and has a large gallery of examples to illustrate the quality of their work. The firm will also generate custom graphics if needed.
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Master Webpage Mailer [1625] Hits   
Master WebPage Mailer is a freeware CGI script which allows your site's visitors to email the contents of a web page to their friends. The script allows you to determine which parts of the page get mailed and the text formatting of the email - without engaging in any extra work. Unique!
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Dinosaur Illustrations [1528] Hits   
David Goldman has put together an enormous directory which catalogues sources for dinosaur graphics on the Net. While the site offers no graphics itself (and many of the sources it indexes have copyrighted graphics), this is one of the most comprehensive gateway directories of its type available and the first place to look if you need these types of illustrations. A masterly work of research.
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Outback Photographics [2615] Hits   
Central Australian photographer Steve Strike specialises in photos of the Central Australian outback. Tradtional licensing. Also available for commercial assignments. Site shows a wide selection of recent work.
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The XML Cover Pages [1038] Hits   
Robin Cover's XML Cover Pages is a comprehensive online reference work for the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and its parent, the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). This site features extensive documentation on the application of open, interoperable "markup language" standards including XSL, XSLT, XPath, XLink, XPointer, HyTime, DSSSL, CSS, SPDL, CGM, ISO-HTML and others. An invaluable reference if you're interested in any of these emerging areas.
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Alchemy Mindworks Inc [1903] Hits   
Manufacturers of GIF Construction Set (for GIF animations), Graphic Workshop (for general paint and graphics work), Font Wrangler (a TrueType font manager), Screen Saver Construction Set (for building screen-savers) and several other useful utilities - most available as shareware.
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Killer Web Sites [1714] Hits   
Killer Web Sites are an LA web design company that specialises in building informational, interactive, sales and database driven web sites. This company won 2 Addy awards in 1999 for its work.
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Ian's Power Backgrounds [2509] Hits   
Sydney designer Ian McPherson offers over 400 free, high-resolution JPGs (including photographs) for use as background tiles and textures in web, DTP and 3D rendering work on this clean, fast-loading site. Freeware.
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The HTML Reference Library [3781] Hits   
The HTML reference Library is a definitive reference that documents what HTML elements are actually supported by the current Netscape, IE and Mosaic browsers (rather than what is theoretically supported - there's often a significant difference!). This is a sterling work of scholarship, but the freeware download available on the site requires that you have at least IE4.x on your machine and is only available for Windows users.
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Havana Street 1940s Clip Art [3464] Hits   
Havana Street are the world's biggest source of royalty free 1940s style clip art and fonts - and they retail a large number of CD volumes of their work for around US$59 each. They also make a small selection of their work - 20 Krazy Kids! - available on their site as freeware. Delightful!
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designBLANDORI [1237] Hits   
designBLANDORI are a Florida graphic design firm who specialise in package and web design, advertising, branding and photography. Their superb, fun site provides a brief overview of some of their work and provides contact details if you'd like to explore their services further.
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ArtNatAm - Native American Artists [2272] Hits   
This site is a showcase for Native American artists, and provides a small range of images which are available as linkware for personal use. Worth seeing if only to admire the work of these very talented people.
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Stock Art [2397] Hits   
A large agency for more than 150 illustrators. Images are not royalty-free or web-specific, but are well suited to DTP and commercial print work. Online search/buy facilities.
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Search66's Add URL Page [1341] Hits   
Search66 is our own meta search engine - and if you need to promote your site quickly to all the major world (or Australian) search engines, the "Add URL" page here allows you to do it quickly and efficiently in a little less than 30 minutes. Many engines now penalise people who use automated site submission services - but this page helps you avoid that risk for a modicum of work. Freeware.
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Matt Kruse's Calendar Script [1663] Hits   
Matt Kruse's freeware calendar script allows you to integrate a full events calendar into your site quickly and simply. Calendars operate off HTML templates and very little knowledge of CGI/Perl is required to get the system operational. Multiple calendars can be run off the same script - and they work equally well in Netscape and IE too. Impressive!
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Black Cat Free Web Graphics [2015] Hits   
A large collection of themed page sets, strip and tile backgrounds, bullets, mouseover button sets, bars and clip art. Delightful and original work.
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Submit-4-Free [1254] Hits   
Michael Gregory's Submit-4-Free is a very simple online service that will submit your website to 24 of the world's largest search engines and directories absolutely free. The service takes only a few minutes to work through and operates very efficiently.
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