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Affiliate Junction [2614] Hits   
Affiliate program directory for webmasters. Searchable and categorical for easy reference. We offer tips, contract advice, free resources, and more. All programs on our site are free too join.
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db4o - database for objects [1518] Hits   
db4o - database for objects - is a fast Java object database. A footprint of 80 kB saves device memory and allows online-download. Query-By-Example minimizes resource consumption and improves performance. Automatic object recognition permits zero-admin deployment. Integration with the Java programming language omits driver overhead and maximizes speed. db4o supports Java Web Start. db4o is threadsafe and runs in servlet environments like Tomcat. db4o is free for non-commercial use.
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PIRC - PhotoImpact Resource Center [1587] Hits   
If you use Ulead's PhotoImpact graphics software, this site provides a wide range of tips and tutorials that can help you make the most of it. It also contains lots of free goodies for PhotoImpact (eg: presets, shapes, stamps and patterns) and much, more more. Very worthwhile!
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Devhead [806] Hits   
ZDNet's Devhead is a webmaster resource primarily focussed on web programming issues. A great source of news on CSS, DHTML, Java, ActiveX and related technologies. Also has a neat script archive and design forums.
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XML.Com [1198] Hits   
This site - by O'Reilly and Associates - is devoted to XML (which will ultimately be the successor to HTML). It features a wide range of expert articles, language standards, resource guides, a private user's area and a great deal more. A first-rate place to start if you want to begin learning the ins and outs of this exciting new area of web technology.
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Compact Index of HTML Tags [1336] Hits   
The Willcam Group and Gregory Consulting have produced this marvellous (and very compact) index of all the HTML tags. The index lists which tags are available in the 3.x and 4.x browsers, along with proprietary Netscape and IE extensions (on related lists). An intelligently organised and invaluable resource.
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Search Engines Worldwide [1096] Hits   
If you're trying to locate national search engines, this amazing site lists more than 1,0000 search engines from 130 countries in a simple alphabetic format. An invaluable resource!
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Page Resource.Com [1575] Hits   
Page Resource.Com is an immense web development tutorial site. It covers ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl, CSS, DHTML, Java and JavaScript. It also has a large archive of articles, tools, graphics, forums and considerably more, all related to hard-core web development. Impressive.
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NetM GIF Animations [2713] Hits   
A small but well-presented archive of public domain animations. Slightly less than 100 items, plus additional resource links.
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Compendium Of HTML Elements [1167] Hits   
This unusually useful site catalogs all the HTML elements and attributes, and provides an invaluable resource to the latest HTML standards (both official and emerging).
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FreeCode [1499] Hits   
This enomous site is an online directory of freeware scripts and source code snippets compatible with Unix or Windows web servers and written in either Perl, Java, C or Visual Basic. Categories covered include chat, email, DBMS, graphics, authoring, user interface software and more. Part of the Andover network.
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Annuaire Guide Site Liens [2142] Hits   
This useful French site provides a wide list of links to sites of interest to webmasters, covering topics such as images, fonts, robots, referencing, music files and much more. The site is written entirely in French and the links are well-researched and extensive.
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Danny Goodman's FAQs [1403] Hits   
Danny Goodman is the famous author of the JavaScript Bible and two other excellent JavaScript tomes. He's also an emerging authority on DHTML (and even turns his hand to AppleScript from time to time). His site supports his books and contains quite a few JavaScript freebies and examples. A wonderful expert resource if you're learning the language.
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The CGI Resource Index [1243] Hits   
The world's largest source of freeware, shareware and commercial CGI scripts, and an indispensible resource for web programmers. Also has a search engine and some C, TCL and AppleTalk scripts as well.
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Builder.Com [667] Hits   
C/Net's huge resource for web authors. Articles, discussions and downloads on most aspects of contemporary web design. Has a free weekly email newsletter and copious downloads as well.
(Score = 0.01335) [More like this] Rate It Comments? Webmaster Resource [763] Hits is a rich resource to help webmasters with web site development issues. It links to tips on site promotion, site design, search engine submission and other marketing issues. It also has useful resources for press release services, freebies and more.
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ASP-Help.Com [1260] Hits   
This large Australian site provides in-depth assistance with ASP-related issues. Also covers cookies, VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, components, databases and objects. Forums, reviews and Microsoft resources as well. A very impressive resource!
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Barcode 1 [1734] Hits   
Russ Adam, who's written several books on bar codes, has put together the definitive Net resource site for everything connected with bar codes and bar code fonts. This enormously specialised site has extensive lists of barcode shareware, barcode font resources... even a barcode discussion forum! If you're looking for anything to do with bar codes or bar code fonts, this is definitely the best place to start.
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ActiveState [815] Hits   
ActiveState manufacture Perl compilers, development kits and add-ons for Perl programmers. One unique feature of ActiveState's shareware is that it runs on Windows with the Win32s extensions. Amazing!
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Website Abstraction [1239] Hits   
A large JavaScript resource offering free pre-built JavaScripts, introductory and advanced JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript Q&A's and free Java applets. Also has coverage of DHTML, a free newsletter and forum.
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