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Quickpixels offer royalty-free photos of Canada and Canadians (as well as other subjects) from as low as CD$5 per photo. Quickpixels' library is extensive and very well catalogued and these are well-shot, high quality professional images that are available in four grades of resolution (from web-ready 72dpi to print standard 300dpi). The site also offers a dozen assorted photos for free. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Nutrocker's HTML and Graphics [2439] Hits   
This UK site makes a range of free web buttons, backgrounds, web site templates and royalty-free photos available online. They also have a neat scrollbar colour code generator which allows you to choose the best scrollbar colors for your web site.
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Jason Hawkes Aerial Library [1509] Hits   
A very nice commercial aerial photographic library with worldwide coverage and an extensive inventory of aerial photographs.
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Deerwind Images [2088] Hits   
Deerwind is a commercial image library offering high-quality photos of various subjects and themes. All photos are taken by either professional or freelance photographers, and images can be searched using keywords or combinations of them. Searching and previewing the photos is free but downloading requires a paid membership.
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Wonderfile [3813] Hits   
Masterfile's web images division. Offers a very large range of CD-ROMs of royalty-free web-ready images, as well as single-image sales on site.
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The Image Works [4234] Hits   
A small US stock photo agency that provides a range of images of people, the world and the environment. Traditional licensing.
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Stockyard [2671] Hits   
Jim Olive's Houston, Texas stock photo agency specialises in shots of Houston, Texas and the mid-West. Traditional licensed image use.
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StockByte [2612] Hits   
Offers a very large number of CD-ROM collections (80+) of royalty-free stock images. Images can also be purchased and downloaded online.
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RoyaltyFreeArt.Com [2935] Hits   
Offers 50 strip backgrounds, 5 button sets, 5 page templates and - unusually - a large number of monochrome Ansell Adams photos.
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Outback Photographics [2622] Hits   
Central Australian photographer Steve Strike specialises in photos of the Central Australian outback. Tradtional licensing. Also available for commercial assignments. Site shows a wide selection of recent work.
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Photovault [2317] Hits   
A US photo agency with a very wide category list. Most images are traditionally licensed and sold individually.
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PhotoSpin [2579] Hits   
A very large commercial stock photography site with extensive collections of standard print images, along with a very large and growing collection of web-ready, royalty-free Power Photos. Also has useful tips on using PhotoShop channels on site.
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PhotoEssentials [3294] Hits   
Canon's PhotoEssentials offers large collections of royalty-free images on ROM, including images of Australia. Images are available in web-ready 72dpi format.
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PhotoDisc [2609] Hits   
One of the largest stock photography companies in the world. Has thousands of print and web-ready images that can be purchased online, along with the Design Mind ezine (for designers) and a large online tutorial section. Images are royalty-free.
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Masterfile [2361] Hits   
A huge stock photo agency that provides both images and illustrations on a traditional licensing sheme. Royalty-free web photos are now handled by a new affiliated company Wonderfile (see
(Score = 0.01335) [More like this] [Rating: 9.00 / 1 votes] Comments?
Maryann Sterling's Art [4959] Hits   
This unusual site offers huge collections of original web graphics as either donationware or linkware (depending on the state of your finances). Subjects include scenery, photos, people, animals, flowers, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, plants, food, holidays, fractals and web pieces. A CD-ROM containing all the art on the site is available for $US50.
(Score = 0.01335) [More like this] Rate It Comments? (1)
Index Stock Imagery [3304] Hits   
A major US stock photo library whose collection includes advertising and commercial color, editorial color and B&W, vintage B&W and retro color. All subjects including particular strengths in Western scenics, Carribbean and Southern USA lifestyle, New England, Agriculture and Retro Americana. Traditional licensing.
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Image Ideas [3095] Hits   
A US photo agency that offers a wide variety of royalty-free mages for the web on CD-ROMs, including many of the former MetaCreations photos. A surprising and useful collection.
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Free Images - Stock Photos [17227] Hits   
This amazing UK site offers more than 1000 24-bit jpg digital stock photos for web and art/design use as freeware. All images are classified by type, and this site contains an amazing breadth and depth of content in a clear, easy-to-navigate style. Cool!
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FreeFoto.Com [10837] Hits   
This enormous UK site has over 7,000 photographs available as JPGs, categorised across 30 main sections. All photographs are available as linkware for personal use (commercial users need to pay a fee) and new photos are added regularly. Amazing.
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