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Affiliate Junction [2599] Hits   
Affiliate program directory for webmasters. Searchable and categorical for easy reference. We offer tips, contract advice, free resources, and more. All programs on our site are free too join.
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Effective Website Review [1444] Hits   
John Kuraoka's Effective Website Review offers web site owners a fast, professional website evaluation service for a $300 fee. John's service is designed to guide owners of small businesses and micro-businesses about how to create and/or design effective commercial websites that generate sales.
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If you produce ebooks or related informational products and need graphics to accompany your sales copy, this unique site will produce them for you for a modest fee.'s site outlines exactly what they do and has a large gallery of examples to illustrate the quality of their work. The firm will also generate custom graphics if needed.
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VStore.Com [1391] Hits   
An affiliate-based company that provides facilities for virtually anyone to set up an online store and sell products from their 1-million plus item inventory. Freeware (returns to site operators are commission based)
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Tripod [1480] Hits   
Tripod - like GeoCities - are one of the Net's oldest free hosting services and are now owned by Lycos. They offer free 50Mb web sites, a site-builder, lots of bolt-ons and can support full domains as well. (Basic membership is free - higher services attract fees). Against this, the service is advertising-supported with obnoxious pop-up ads and Lycos are losing huge amounts of money - so how long Tripod will continue in its present form is open to question.
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Swift Desk [1834] Hits   
Swift Desk offer an array of free services for their members, including free web-based email, hosting, file storage, website tools, bookmarks, Mp3s, a calendar/planner and more. Swift Desk's service is available for individuals only; the company have a strict anti-spam policy; and accounts can be terminated for inactivity.
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QuickBanner [1609] Hits   
Bpath's QuickBanner tool enables you to choose a banner background from a wide selection of 500 ready-made templates. Once the template has been chosen, you can add customized text to generate a professional banner quickly and easily. Templates are available on a wide variety of common themes, and the service is freeware.
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FreeWeb's Free Screen Savers [6869] Hits   
This site offers a large collection of screen savers, wallpaper and desktop themes as freeware. Topics include actors, actresses, cars, holidays, tv, beauty, pets, animals, fish, birds, animation, cartoon, sports, motocross, sailing, scuba divers, nature and more.
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The Amazing Picture Machine [1531] Hits   
The Amazing Picture Machine is a creation of the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL). It offers an easy way to search for pictures on specific topics. The search is fast and coverage is very good. Not all of the pictures the engine links to are freeware, however, and if you wish to use some images you may need to negotiate with the copyright owner.
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Xoom [1306] Hits   
Xoom were a well-known free hosting service until October 2000 until they were subsumed by NBCi. NBCi now offer similar free hosting services to Xoom - including 500Mb of storage, and free page-building and site building tools - to members.
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Hypermart [1307] Hits   
Hypermart are part of the Go2Net netywork of sites. They offer free 20Mb web sites with bolt-on ecommerce capabilities (eg: shopping cart, credit card processing, template storefronts etc). The service is available to businesses only; is advertising-supported; and any site can be arbitrarily terminated if it records no activity for 15 days. Free sites are generally assigned a Hypermart sub-domain, but full domain hosting is also available.
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Free 3D Logo Design [3003] Hits   
This unique UK site provides a free 3D logo design service for non-commercial sites and a full logo design service for commercial sites. It also offers browser skins, a 3D artwork gallery, 3D design forum and a great deal more.
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Freebies Planet [2694] Hits   
One of the best sources for free stuff on the Internet. Find free books, catalogs, CDs, coupons, fonts, games, gifts, greeting cards, jokes, money, recipes, videos and a lot more!
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Annuaire Guide Site Liens [2121] Hits   
This useful French site provides a wide list of links to sites of interest to webmasters, covering topics such as images, fonts, robots, referencing, music files and much more. The site is written entirely in French and the links are well-researched and extensive.
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Coder.Com's Critique [1148] Hits   
Critique is a unique online service where you submit a critique of another website and receive an equivalent critique of your own back in return. The service is entirely free.
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Coder.Com's Online Banner Generator [1140] Hits   
This service that will generate banners for you online for free (over 4 million banners had been produced by the site as at October 1999). However, there's very little visual feedback (so you'll probably need to make several tries) and the finished banners are a non-standard size.
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Ditto.Com [2878] Hits   
Ditto.Com is a high-end visual search engine that allows you to search amongst 5 million graphics to find images you need. This engine is very fast and surprisingly comprehensive, though many of the images it indexes are copyrighted and (if you wish to use them) you may need to negotiate with the site owner.
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Web Site Garage [1852] Hits   
Provides a number of free utilities for web builders, including an automated Tune-Up (to check for load times and broken links), the !Register-It! service to list a site with hundreds of engines and award sites, and Hitometer to track site statistics. Also has a members' area and free email newsletter. Formerly independent, but now owned by Netscape.
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WebFX Online Graphics Effect Generator [1515] Hits   
Bill Kendrick's useful site applies an amazing array of special effects to images as a free service. Virtually an online set of PhotoShop filters!
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Spree [1411] Hits   
Spree are a free web hosting service who offer members unlimited disk space, a directory manager, page counters, guest books, a file upload utility, html guide and link generator. Against this, Spree are essentially a marketing network of merchants who encourage member sites to sell sell their products on commission. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you have no interest in selling other people's products it may be worthwhile considering other free hosting services instead.
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