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Active GIF Creator [2351] Hits   
WSoft Lab's Active GIF Creator lets you create fabulous animated GIF images for the web (you can even create movies in GIF Creator!) using pictures or graphics you've put together or edited in any image editing program, including Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop and dozens of others. This is commercial software (US$35) but - sadly - a free trial demo download isn't available. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Vanwhy Design Assorted Graphics [2591] Hits   
Vanwhy Design offer an assortment of free tiled backgrounds for personal use. The site also has photographs, 3D images and fractal art in its collections.
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SilhouetteOnline [2226] Hits   
Silhouette graphics art software instantly converts black and white or colour bitmap images into vector designs ready for use. Silhouette is available as standalone application and as plugin for Adobe Illustrator and comes in both Mac and Windows versions. Available as 15-day free trialware.
(Score = 0.02136) [More like this] [Rating: 5.50 / 10 votes] Comments? [2272] Hits   
Quickpixels offer royalty-free photos of Canada and Canadians (as well as other subjects) from as low as CD$5 per photo. Quickpixels' library is extensive and very well catalogued and these are well-shot, high quality professional images that are available in four grades of resolution (from web-ready 72dpi to print standard 300dpi). The site also offers a dozen assorted photos for free. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Jason Hawkes Aerial Library [1494] Hits   
A very nice commercial aerial photographic library with worldwide coverage and an extensive inventory of aerial photographs.
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GraphicObsession [2507] Hits   
This beautifully designed French site allows you to search, buy and download 500,000 royalty-free images online, along with 30,000 fonts; many beautiful illustrations and maps; and videos. The site can be accessed in English and German too.
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Guatemala Stock Photography [1430] Hits   
Fotos de Guatemala offers the Net's largest collection of royalty-free high resolution pictures of Guatemala. Subjects include nature, lakes, sunsets, landscapes, rivers, architecture and more. Pictures are available on CD and via digital delivery. The site also offers a range of free wallpapers and screensavers.
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Deerwind Images [2081] Hits   
Deerwind is a commercial image library offering high-quality photos of various subjects and themes. All photos are taken by either professional or freelance photographers, and images can be searched using keywords or combinations of them. Searching and previewing the photos is free but downloading requires a paid membership.
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Daeja Image Systems Browser Image Viewer [1452] Hits   
Daeja Image Systems' viewONE is a high performance Java applet for web browsers that enables extended viewing of images and multipage image documents in TIFF, JPEG and BMP formats.
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Active Media Screen Saver Toolkits [1393] Hits   
Active Media Eclipse v.3 is the best Free Screen Saver Authoring Toolkit available. It incorporates a range of powerful transitions and gives you the power to create stunning screen savers using your own images, pictures and sounds. Eclipse v.3 is free for personal use. More powerful versions are available for commercial use for a licensing fee.
(Score = 0.02136) [More like this] Rate It Comments? Free Javascripts [2162] Hits is a JavaScript directory and it offers free JavaScripts in a wide range of categories. All scripts come with full instructions and any required images and the site also has search facilities, which make sure you can find a particular script you're looking for. JavaScript help facilities are also available, along with a JavaScript bookstore.
(Score = 0.02136) [More like this] Rate It Comments? [1953] Hits offer a library of 500 graphic background images you can download free of charge for personal use. The backgrounds are spread across flowers, abstract, fractal and circle themes and most are 100% unique. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Wacky Background [2543] Hits   
This site contains a collection of computer generated background graphics for your website or computer desktop. All images are original and free.
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Wonderfile [3787] Hits   
Masterfile's web images division. Offers a very large range of CD-ROMs of royalty-free web-ready images, as well as single-image sales on site.
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Picture2Web [2360] Hits   
Virdi Software's Picture2Web (formerly Image2Web) is a 32-bit Windows application that creates a picture gallery of all the JPG images in a specified directory. The program is simple enough for novices to use and requires only a single click to create a professional-looking gallery in seconds, but it also provides flexibility for more demanding webmasters, allowing for insertion of extra codes (eg: META tags, Javascript etc). A 30 day trialware version is available onsite - full registration is $US65
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The Image Works [4213] Hits   
A small US stock photo agency that provides a range of images of people, the world and the environment. Traditional licensing.
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Trumbull's Fire Fighting Clip Art [4599] Hits   
The Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company of Connecticut have assembled a page of fire-fighting clip art which contains over 60 images (some animated, some static). All images are public domain and freeware, and several are quite unique.
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Skylighter's Military Clip Art [4848] Hits   
This site offers a small but high-quality collection of military clip art. It includes several animations along with graphics for armour, warbirds, badges and patches. All images are public domain and freeware.
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MorphMan [1900] Hits   
MorphMan began life in the 1990s as HijaakMorph and is now at a Version 4 release. This software allows you to perform static morphing between two images, as well as dynamic morphing in videos (where one video sequence is transformed into another). The software supports most popular image and video file formats and can produce wonderful effects. This is commercial software (US$49.95) but a free demo download with some saving features disabled is available on Stoik Software's web site. A slightly older MorphMan 2000 which only includes image-morphing (not video morphing) is also available for US$19 along with a similar free trial. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Stockyard [2650] Hits   
Jim Olive's Houston, Texas stock photo agency specialises in shots of Houston, Texas and the mid-West. Traditional licensed image use.
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