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Web Site Tools.Com [1767] Hits   
Web Site Tools.Com is an online web design and development house who manufacture a number of useful add-ons which you can link into your site for a modest annual fee. The tools include a bulletin board, traffic counter, online polls, a guestbook, link checker, site submission wizard, site statistics package and site monitoring tool. All products are fully commercial.
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Online Arts [2083] Hits   
Online Arts are a commercial Perl scripting house who make over 30 excellent scripts for running online quizzes, flatmate finder services, mailing lists and banner ad management (along with many more useful routines) available as shareware downloads on their site. Impressive!
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Noetic Art [5119] Hits   
A very large, original collection of cartoon-style clip art on an equally wide variety of themes (some animated). Also offers a smaller collection of original fonts and Paint Shop Pro tubes. Freeware (link requested)
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MatchFonts [6266] Hits   
MatchFonts are a commercial typography house who have a large range of text, display, calligraphic and foreign fonts for sale. However, they also make shareware versions of 14 of their fonts available on site - including zany Halloween and dinosaur sets. Downloads are available for both Windows or Mac in Truetype, ATM1 or PostScript formats.
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Inki's Clip Art [9502] Hits   
This site holds several hundred pieces of high-quality clip art - most of it coloured, and ready for web use. Artworks can be viewed onscreen, or picked off a list. All images are freeware for personal use. Nice!
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Corbis Images [2226] Hits   
A large US stock photography house (also known as Corbis Digital Stock) specialising in traditionally-licensed and royalty-free stock photography
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NavWorks [1778] Hits   
NavWorks are a commercial design house that offer a small but beautiful collection of original JavaScripted control panels and tile backgrounds as freeware samples from their commercial disks. This site also offers free tutorials, a free screen saver and a free JavaScript utility to write rollover code.
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14 Under Construction Signs [2472] Hits   
This page from the Free Graphics Store holds 14 under construction signs - some animated, some static. It includes flashing neon signs, a wheelbarrow, a crane, building and construction images and two construction rules. All images are 16 or 256 colour GIFs. Freeware.
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16 Contemporary Graphics [3372] Hits   
This Free Graphics Store archive page holds 16 contemporary graphics including a soft drink vending machine, doll's head, cappuchino machine, UK flag, USA flag, Australian flag, ship's wheel, pliers, blackboard, house, welcome mat, oranges, shopping bag, floppy disk and traffic sign. Freeware.
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20 Common Icons [8549] Hits   
This Free Graphics Store archive page holds 20 icons for web pages: a checkmark, cross and question mark, roadworks cone, Mastercard and Visa card symbols, thumb tacks, signpost, home, typewriter, hamburger, truck, Windows symbol, MS Word symbol, WordPerfect symbol, PageMaker 5 symbol, anchor, cone and hot chilli. All images are freeware.
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