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Active GIF Creator [2376] Hits   
WSoft Lab's Active GIF Creator lets you create fabulous animated GIF images for the web (you can even create movies in GIF Creator!) using pictures or graphics you've put together or edited in any image editing program, including Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop and dozens of others. This is commercial software (US$35) but - sadly - a free trial demo download isn't available. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Animate Me! [1696] Hits   
Animate Me (formerly Animation EffectBox) helps you to produce animated GIF-files quickly and easily. You can create animations from a set of pre-built effects (such as moving objects, small particles, running text, wave, shake, appearance, explosion, changing brightness). Available as shareware.
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ChartDirector [1978] Hits   
Advanced Software Engineering's ChartDirector is a powerful charting and graphics library for creating professionally looking charts and drawings in PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF formats. ChartDirector supports pie, bar, line, area, high-low-open-close and combo charts, and allows users to control every chart's details and customizations. The software is available as a free trialware download.
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CatStuff Graphics [4198] Hits   
Glenda Moore's awesome site is devoted solely to graphics of cats and contains more than 3,500 of them: cat animations, backgrounds, buttons, banners, clip art, icons, rules, page sets - even menus and navigation systems. Simply designed and fast to load, this sight is a delight to search through - and must be one of the largest cat image collections on the Net. All graphics are freeware for personal use only.
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Le Webgifs [4372] Hits   
This large site (written entirely in French) offers a very sizable and well-categorised collection of public domain gif animations, along with smaller collections of bullets, backgrounds and icons. Freeware.
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WebDeveloper.Com's Animations [5612] Hits   
This site (part of Internet.Com's suite of online properties) offers 350 animations as freeware for non-commercial use. All animations are categorised alphabetically.
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WWWebReady.Com [3074] Hits   
Manufacturers of GIFFY, an easy-to-use GIF animator that converts animations from BMP, GIF, AVI, FLC and ANM files; re-maps GIF's to the safe web palette; and optimizes file sizes as much as 80%. Commercial software only.
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The Blue Planet [8770] Hits   
The Blue Planet provides a large collection of original GIFs as freeware (though a link is requested). Themes include animals, aquatics, angels, birds, cats, pigs, rabbits, rodents, dogs, space, trees and tropics, crawlies, fantasy, holidays, nature and primal. The site also offers some collections of animations and bar lines. Charming and unique!
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Trumbull's Fire Fighting Clip Art [4631] Hits   
The Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company of Connecticut have assembled a page of fire-fighting clip art which contains over 60 images (some animated, some static). All images are public domain and freeware, and several are quite unique.
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Skylighter's Military Clip Art [4868] Hits   
This site offers a small but high-quality collection of military clip art. It includes several animations along with graphics for armour, warbirds, badges and patches. All images are public domain and freeware.
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Spinwave Software [2232] Hits   
Manufacturers of JPEG Cruncher and GIF Cruncher, two image compression programs for web authors. This is commercial software, but trialware downloads of both are available. Spinwave also make free online image compression facilities available on their site. Also manufacturers of HVS Colorgif 2.0 and HVS JPEG 2.0 (plugins for Adobe PhotoShop).
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Kitty Roach's Animations [3364] Hits   
A large variety of original animations (many in cartoon style) on a range of common themes, as well as some that are truly unique. Linkware for personal use.
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Creative Designs Clip Art Gallery [12694] Hits   
This site offers a medium-sized collection of cartoon-style clipart as freeware for non-commercial use. Themes include office, business, nature, sports, computers and recreation.
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Pat's Web Graphics [3136] Hits   
A large collection of floral-themed graphics, strip and tile backgrounds, animations and wallpapers. Linkware for personal use. Collections of up to 5,000 floral images are also available on CD-ROM for $US15.
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Task Force's Free Clip Art [2883] Hits   
NVTech produce TaskForce Image Commander software and a CD-ROM of over 35,000 clip-art images (3,000 of them suitable for use on web sites) as a commercial product for $US40. However, they also make a lite version of their image viewing software and a few hundred images available on their site as freeware downloads.
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NetM GIF Animations [2731] Hits   
A small but well-presented archive of public domain animations. Slightly less than 100 items, plus additional resource links.
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GIF Animation Archive [3377] Hits   
Holds over 600 royalty-free copyrighted animated GIFs, free for use on non-commercial web sites only. A very well-organised archive with a wealth of additional information on GIF animation, PhotoShop and DTP tools and techniques.
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GIF Construction Set [2280] Hits   
Alchemy Mindworks' GIF Construction Set is one of the oldest and most respected GIF animation tools on the Net (and, many believe, still the best) and provides comprehensive GIF animation features. This product - distributed as shareware - also contains one of the best tutorials on the GIF file format we've ever seen.
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Build Banner Ads That Rock! [1819] Hits   
Alchemy Mindworks' tutorial on how to build banner ads using GIF Construction Set, Graphics Workshop and Windows Paint is a wonderful overview of the topic if you've never built a banner before. This is a l-o-n-g page, but worthwhile visiting if you're looking for a very straightforward introduction to the topic.
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Alchemy Mindworks Inc [1914] Hits   
Manufacturers of GIF Construction Set (for GIF animations), Graphic Workshop (for general paint and graphics work), Font Wrangler (a TrueType font manager), Screen Saver Construction Set (for building screen-savers) and several other useful utilities - most available as shareware.
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