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Matt's Script Archive [5844] Hits   
Matt's Script Archive provides more than 20 freeware Perl scripts for everyday web site applications such as counters, bulletin boards, guestbooks, formmail, free-for-all links and others. All programs are well documented, and the scripts are amongst the most widely-used on the Net.
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Dingbat Depot [2914] Hits   
Dingbat Depot offer an extensive range of freeware dingbat truetype fonts categorised both alphabetically (ie by font name) and thematically (ie by font theme - for example, animal dingbats or food dingbats), which makes it very easy to find a dingbat font you may be looking for. This is a clean, fast-loading and well-designed site that's a pleasure to visit. Well worth a look! Last reviewed: December 2007
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Yasshan's Web Graphics [3155] Hits   
A very large collection of original icons and bullets from Japan. Also offers animated cursors, desktop themes, animated rules, a small collection of tile backgrounds and two screen savers. Freeware for personal use.
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Youth Leagues Graphics [5350] Hits   
Offers a wide selection of attractive, original themed page set collections for soccer, baseball, football and basketball. Freeware for non-commercial use.
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CatStuff Graphics [4198] Hits   
Glenda Moore's awesome site is devoted solely to graphics of cats and contains more than 3,500 of them: cat animations, backgrounds, buttons, banners, clip art, icons, rules, page sets - even menus and navigation systems. Simply designed and fast to load, this sight is a delight to search through - and must be one of the largest cat image collections on the Net. All graphics are freeware for personal use only.
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Master Webpage Mailer [1643] Hits   
Master WebPage Mailer is a freeware CGI script which allows your site's visitors to email the contents of a web page to their friends. The script allows you to determine which parts of the page get mailed and the text formatting of the email - without engaging in any extra work. Unique!
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Webs Most Linked [1727] Hits   
This amazing, simple service lets you discover how popular your URL is compared to hundreds of thousands of others. If your URL isn't being spidered and ranked yet, add it and get ranked within 24 hours. Freeware.
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Art For The Web [7385] Hits   
Suzanne Roman's Australian graphics site offers a small collection of original interface panels, a larger range of blank buttons and web page templates, and even larger collection of textures. Freeware.
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Le Webgifs [4372] Hits   
This large site (written entirely in French) offers a very sizable and well-categorised collection of public domain gif animations, along with smaller collections of bullets, backgrounds and icons. Freeware.
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WebDeveloper.Com's Animations [5612] Hits   
This site (part of Internet.Com's suite of online properties) offers 350 animations as freeware for non-commercial use. All animations are categorised alphabetically.
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VStore.Com [1435] Hits   
An affiliate-based company that provides facilities for virtually anyone to set up an online store and sell products from their 1-million plus item inventory. Freeware (returns to site operators are commission based)
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USWebsites Site Submitter [1628] Hits   
This free online submission service allows you to post your site's URL to 25 of the world's largest engines and directories. This site also offers a META tag creator and a free site promotion newsletter.
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Ultimate Bulletin Board [1680] Hits   
Probably the world's best-known commercial bulletin board, used by many of the world's largest sites. The full version of UBB is a commercial product, but a slightly cut-down freeware version (upgradable to the full one) is available on site.
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FontNet [2723] Hits   
A huge UK site for professional typographers. Offers primarily commercial fonts, but has a number of Mac and Windows fonts and font tools available as free downloads.
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TopFont.Com [2561] Hits   
Offers 25 TrueType fonts, ranked according to download popularity. Freeware.
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The Counter.Com [1937] Hits   
Intenet.Com's counter service provides free, in-depth daily traffic reports which track the number of visitors to your web site along with refferers, browser popularity, operating system and more - simply by adding a few lines of HTML code to your web page. The service is entirely free and counters are available in multiple styles.
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The Blue Planet [8770] Hits   
The Blue Planet provides a large collection of original GIFs as freeware (though a link is requested). Themes include animals, aquatics, angels, birds, cats, pigs, rabbits, rodents, dogs, space, trees and tropics, crawlies, fantasy, holidays, nature and primal. The site also offers some collections of animations and bar lines. Charming and unique!
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Trumbull's Fire Fighting Clip Art [4631] Hits   
The Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company of Connecticut have assembled a page of fire-fighting clip art which contains over 60 images (some animated, some static). All images are public domain and freeware, and several are quite unique.
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Free Graphics By Syruss [8115] Hits   
A medium-sized collection of 3D arrows; 3D balls; 3D bars; 3D bullets; banner blanks; backgrounds; large, small and oval buttons; and animations. Freeware.
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Sunwalk Fonts [3946] Hits   
Andy Krahling's Sunwalk Fonts provide more than 40 free truetype fonts for non-commercial use, as well as a wide range of commercial fonts and custom font design services. Sunwalk's free fonts cover handwriting, normal and strange styles, as well as some true oddities (like national flags and sideways fonts) - but there are certainly a few gems here!
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