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TC Design's Free Graphics [2645] Hits   
TC Design offer a small but unique range of free linkware web sets, desktop wallpapers, clipart, avatars, textures and web objects on their web site. If you use any of their graphics you can also cross-link with TC Design's site.
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Quickpixels offer royalty-free photos of Canada and Canadians (as well as other subjects) from as low as CD$5 per photo. Quickpixels' library is extensive and very well catalogued and these are well-shot, high quality professional images that are available in four grades of resolution (from web-ready 72dpi to print standard 300dpi). The site also offers a dozen assorted photos for free. Last reviewed: December 2007
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Feebleminds [1795] Hits   
Feebleminds offers an assorted collection of animated gifs, clipart, backgrounds, sets, buttons, animated dividers, pictures and digital art which can be used on websites.
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All Free Clipart [2123] Hits   
AllFree Clipart offers thousands of quality clipart items, web graphics and animations for free. The site has a large number of categories and navigation is quick and easy.
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Novosoft Web Design And Development [1346] Hits   
Novosoft are a Russian web design company who provide a variety of web design services from graphic art to complete site design. They also provide site maintenance services.
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Creative Designs Clip Art Gallery [12694] Hits   
This site offers a medium-sized collection of cartoon-style clipart as freeware for non-commercial use. Themes include office, business, nature, sports, computers and recreation.
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Pambytes [3555] Hits   
Offers hundreds of free original strip and tile backgrounds, arrows, web page image sets, buttons, and clipart. Freeware for personal or commercial use.
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Inki's Clip Art [9525] Hits   
This site holds several hundred pieces of high-quality clip art - most of it coloured, and ready for web use. Artworks can be viewed onscreen, or picked off a list. All images are freeware for personal use. Nice!
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Annuaire Guide Site Liens [2160] Hits   
This useful French site provides a wide list of links to sites of interest to webmasters, covering topics such as images, fonts, robots, referencing, music files and much more. The site is written entirely in French and the links are well-researched and extensive.
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Chocolate Of The Month [4755] Hits   
This very unusual site offers free chocolate graphics - a different selection every month. The graphics are gorgeous and can be used freely providing a link is made back to the source. Registration is required before the graphics can be accessed.
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Access Clipart [5191] Hits   
This site offers an enormous collection of freeware tiled backgrounds, animations, cartoons and photographic quality clip-art broken down into hundred of categories. Awesome!
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Stock Art [2404] Hits   
A large agency for more than 150 illustrators. Images are not royalty-free or web-specific, but are well suited to DTP and commercial print work. Online search/buy facilities.
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