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Vega's Cyber Graphic Suites [3573] Hits   
A medium sized collection of original, unique web page sets on light, dark and mixed themes. Also has a collection tile backgrounds, Christmas and Christian page sets. Linkware for personal use.
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Menuz [2808] Hits   
This site provides over 40 completely JavaScripted interfaces as freeware for personal or non-commercial use. Apart from general interfaces (and there are more than 26 of these here), Menuz offers several seasonal and children's sets as well. All sets - including graphics, html and JavaScript - can be downloaded from the site as zip files.
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Gifart.Com [4906] Hits   
A medium-sized collection of strip and tile backgrounds, counter digits, interace panels, icons, 3D animations, bullets, bars, rules, Halloween and Christmas images, cartoon clip art and more. Linkware for personal or commercial use.
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Barry's Clip Art Server [6975] Hits   
One of the Net's largest categorised collections of high quality cartoon-like clip art images on an extensive range of themes. Many are monochrome, but just as many are colorised and as suitable for web use as DTP. Also includes several hundred animated GIFs. Freeware (link requested) Awesome!
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Arcadia Animations [6869] Hits   
This site offers close to 500 public domain animations categorised by theme, along with 84 backgrounds. Topics include Star Trek, cartoons, valentines, aliens, animals, babies, body parts, email, festive, flags, flames, household items and more. Freeware.
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Atelier Cornichon [2904] Hits   
Over a dozen original page sets, plus a small collection of Xmas and New Year themed graphics. Distributed as linkware.
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16 Animated Icons [4960] Hits   
This Free Graphics Store archive page holds 16 small animated icons for web pages: pointing hands, a star, a square button, two colour wheels, a small bomb, a colour spiral, counting fingers, a lightbulb, a spark plug, traffic lights and a Christmas tree. All images are freeware.
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