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BestAddress HTML Editor [2167] Hits   
Multimedia Australia's fully featured HTML editor BestAddress has won more than 20 awards. It offers both WYSIWYG and code-based editing and other features include syntax colouring, code checking, file uploading, code auto-completion, templates, site projects and code references for HTML 4.01 and CSS2. Available as a free trialware download from MA's website.
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BMCOptimise [1362] Hits   
BMCOptimise is a professional Australian search engine marketing company. Their search engine optimisation techniques have assisted both private and public sector organisations, and their web site outlines their complete range of services.
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Web Developers With Imagination [1617] Hits   
WDWI are a Sydney based web design firm that specialise in dynamic sites (usually with MS SQL or Oracle). They've also built intranets, extranets, catalogues, online stores and static sites.
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Phraseology [1766] Hits   
Paul Gowans is a Sydney-based author who specialises in writing for the web (as well as other media). Her site provides information about her writing, editing, and publishing services (including newsletter and brochure makeovers) and her scale of fees.
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Sofcom [1610] Hits   
Sofcom ar one of Australia's largest domestic search engines (they list Australian sites only). They also selects a "Pick Of The Day" which is usually given additional exposure in their "Picks Of The Week" column in the site's weekly email newsletter. Listing is free.
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Outback Photographics [2615] Hits   
Central Australian photographer Steve Strike specialises in photos of the Central Australian outback. Tradtional licensing. Also available for commercial assignments. Site shows a wide selection of recent work.
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PhotoEssentials [3286] Hits   
Canon's PhotoEssentials offers large collections of royalty-free images on ROM, including images of Australia. Images are available in web-ready 72dpi format.
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IppyOnline [1624] Hits   
This Australian Government site is the home of IP Australia, and it provides information about intellectual property issues - primarily for children and teachers. There is also some useful information for webmasters here (though it's a little hard to find)
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Ian's Power Backgrounds [2509] Hits   
Sydney designer Ian McPherson offers over 400 free, high-resolution JPGs (including photographs) for use as background tiles and textures in web, DTP and 3D rendering work on this clean, fast-loading site. Freeware.
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Graphic Maps [6983] Hits   
A large and strikingly unique collection of maps for continents and individual countries, along with globes, world maps and three flags. Freeware (link requested).
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FreeFoto.Com [10815] Hits   
This enormous UK site has over 7,000 photographs available as JPGs, categorised across 30 main sections. All photographs are available as linkware for personal use (commercial users need to pay a fee) and new photos are added regularly. Amazing.
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Forest Lake Web Services [1294] Hits   
Forest Lake Web Services are a Brisbane-based web design firm who specialise in dynamically-driven web sites. The company has particular strengths in ASP, JavaScript and DHTML and follow a defined methodology to produce fast, easy-to-navigate web sites.
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ArcData Online [1868] Hits   
ArcData are a US-based GIS mapping company that allow you to generate and download a wide variety of maps online, free of charge. Very detailed maps of many different types are available for the USA, but many maps for Europe and other parts of the world can be obtained here too. Clever!
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EditLive! [1698] Hits   
EditLive! is an ActiveX routine/Netscape plug-in for IE4.0+/ Netscape 4.0+ that allows WYSIWYG web page editing online. The software can be used for easy web site construction and offers full drag-and-drop integration with most Microsoft products (eg: Word documents can be dragged into EditLive! and are instantly formatted into HTML). EditLive! was developed in Australia and is available as trialware for Microsoft Windows 9.x, NT 4.0 or 2000.
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BlueJ [1432] Hits   
BlueJ is an integrated Java development environment specifically designed for teaching object-oriented programming with Java. It was developed at Monash University in Australia and is suitable for both teachers and individuals who want to learn or use Java. Freeware!
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aussieSTOCK [3547] Hits   
One of Australia's largest online stock photography sites. Images are available in a variety of weights, including web-ready 72dpi format. Uses traditional licensing systems. Free comp images are available on site.
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AAA Matilda's Multi-Submit [1280] Hits   
AAA Matilda provide a free multiple site submission service which will allow you to list your site with most of the major Australian and/or global search engines by completing a single form. While not absolutely comprehensive, this great service nonetheless hits most of the major bases quickly and efficiently.
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AAA Matilda [1321] Hits   
One of Australia's oldest domestic search engines, AAA lists Australian and world sites and has numerous additional site promotion opportunities (including a free multi-engine submission service).
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The WWWeb Factory Flag Graphics [4820] Hits   
This site provides a themed collection of flag graphics: the US flag, US state flags, old US flags, a small collection of animated flags, and most international flags as well. The site also offers a small collection of MIDI files. All graphics are public domain and freeware.
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Search66 [1181] Hits   
Search66 is a metacrawler. We built it ourselves to overcome the drawbacks of traditional metacrawlers and it's probably the most comprehensive way to find anything on the Net in Australia (or globally) first time, every time.
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