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Menuz [2803] Hits   
This site provides over 40 completely JavaScripted interfaces as freeware for personal or non-commercial use. Apart from general interfaces (and there are more than 26 of these here), Menuz offers several seasonal and children's sets as well. All sets - including graphics, html and JavaScript - can be downloaded from the site as zip files.
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Graphic Maps [6983] Hits   
A large and strikingly unique collection of maps for continents and individual countries, along with globes, world maps and three flags. Freeware (link requested).
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Animated GIF Finder [2209] Hits   
Michael Shaikun's site catalogues over 1200 gif animations in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. All animations are freeware for personal use and are supplied by members of the Animated GIF Artists Guild.
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The Button Bin [2299] Hits   
Leslie Kamm's Button Bin offers a medium-sized collection of square, oval, bevelled, rectangular, flat, oddly-shaped and holiday buttons as freeware (link requested). The site also has a handy tutorial on how to add text to the buttons using Jasc's Paint Shop Pro.
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Deinersoft's Font-O-Matic [2168] Hits   
Howard Deiner's Font-O-Matic is a freeware Windows 9.x font viewer that allows you to view fonts grouped in a variety of ways - such as by designer, by font family (roman, swiss, modern, script, decorative, and other), or by technology (fixed pitch, TrueType, vector, and device). An extremely useful tool if you have to manage large font collections
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Mystic's Free Graphics [3262] Hits   
This site offers a small collection of original and public domain graphics as freeware for personal use. Many of the graphics are animated. Themes include cats, angels, hearts, butterflies and flowers. Some bars and backgrounds are also availble.
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WebTracker [1600] Hits   
WebTracker is a free add-on counter service from FX Technologies. It allows you to count visitors to your home page and gain informative data on what browser they're using, the operating system they're running, and considerably more. Statistics are updated in real time. Easy to install and operate too.
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PollNow [1361] Hits   
PollNow offer free web polls for your site. Poll results can be displayed in a wide variety of formats - including pie charts - and are easy to set up with a simple 4-step procedure that can be completed through your browser (the HTML codes to activate the poll are automatically emailed to you). Polls are supported by a single banner ad.
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Free Images - Stock Photos [17203] Hits   
This amazing UK site offers more than 1000 24-bit jpg digital stock photos for web and art/design use as freeware. All images are classified by type, and this site contains an amazing breadth and depth of content in a clear, easy-to-navigate style. Cool!
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FreeCode [1499] Hits   
This enomous site is an online directory of freeware scripts and source code snippets compatible with Unix or Windows web servers and written in either Perl, Java, C or Visual Basic. Categories covered include chat, email, DBMS, graphics, authoring, user interface software and more. Part of the Andover network.
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A-1 Icon Archive [2750] Hits   
A vast collection of more than 300,000 icons, animations, bullets, buttons, arrows, strip and tile backgrounds, balls, fonts and clip art. Freeware.
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Free-Backgrounds.Com [11434] Hits   
This site provides hundreds of original freeware strip and tile backgrounds. Themes include artistic, business, classic, general, holidays, natural, personal website, sports and tiled/textured. There are some other nice freebies at this site as well.
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Pub Domain [2698] Hits   
This quirky site offers several hundred original graphics as public domain freeware. Themes include bullets, animations, alphabet image maps, rules, musical notes, symbols, folders, wingdings, names, hearts, tabs, numbers and many more.
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FontSite [6666] Hits   
This gorgeous site is really a font ezine. It contains lots of articles about fonts and font design, a font bookstore, the "rules of typography" and a large archive of past articles. It also offers a great (if small) collection of downloadable shareware fonts in both Windows and Mac formats, including the incredibly useful CombiNumerals font that will produce bulleted numbers. A CD of 500+ fonts is also available here for $US29.95.
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Fontopolis [2294] Hits   
This charming site offers new TrueType fonts every other day and has a very large archive of fonts (and several font utilities) available as freeware downloads. Archived fonts can be searched alphabetically or by style.
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Font Garden [2160] Hits   
Font Garden offer 1000+ TrueType and Postcript fonts as freeware, along with a help forum and 300 dingbats. New fonts are posted regularly.
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FontFrame [7781] Hits   
This large, well-designed site offers more than 700 freeware Windows and Mac fonts along with a free daily font, background data on type and typography, a free email newsletter and quite a lot more. Impressive!
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FontFace [1770] Hits   
FontFace contains a library of hundreds of freeware and shareware TrueType fonts you can download on-screen. This very large, fast-loading site allows you to search for fonts by name and stocks many unique font styles.
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FireTalk [1513] Hits   
Firetalk is a web communications package which allows you to have real-time voice telephone calls over the Net with other Firetalk users. The Firetalk functionality can also be added to a web site to provide a real-time voice chat area. Amazing stuff! Freeware.
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EZScripting.Com [1350] Hits   
This site offers a set of freeware CGI/Perl scripts to manage databases. All scripts are designed for easy customisation and are suitable for building anything from search engines to very specilized directories. This site also has users forums and online demos available.
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