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Dr Ozone's Backgrounds [2056] Hits   
A very large archive of striking, original quality tile backgrounds from Sweden. Freeware for personal use.
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FreeZip [1658] Hits   
Australian Dariusz Stanislawek's FreeZip is a WinZip-like file compression and decompression program that - unlike WinZip - is 100% free. This program has drawn rave reviews (including 5 cows from Tucows and 5 stars from PC User) and is available in many different non-English language versions as well. For Windows 95, 98 and NT.
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OutWorld Arts [2123] Hits   
Offers 14 original and striking web page templates ranging from simple to complex, along with smaller collections of JavaScripted interface panels, tile backgrounds, buttons for light and dark backgrounds, banners and miscellaneous images. Freeware (link requested)
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FreeWeb's Free Screen Savers [6890] Hits   
This site offers a large collection of screen savers, wallpaper and desktop themes as freeware. Topics include actors, actresses, cars, holidays, tv, beauty, pets, animals, fish, birds, animation, cartoon, sports, motocross, sailing, scuba divers, nature and more.
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OpenCube Inc [1504] Hits   
OpenCube manufacture a wide-ranging collection of commercial Java applets (many unique) covering most common site requirements: menuing systems, scrolling newsfeeds etc. However, some excellent freeware and shareware applets are also available at this site.
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Ontario Marketplace Free Graphics [2511] Hits   
This Canadian site offers approximately 60 seamless tiled backgrounds, 50 textured divider bars, a dozen pre-built button sets and a number of blank and assorted buttons as freeware.
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Oanda Currency Converter [1519] Hits   
Oanda make one of the world's most advanced currency converters - and you can bolt it on to your site for free. It converts between 164 currencies and (uniquely) also allows you to perform historical conversions based on prior exchange rates (handy for checking foreign credit card bills). The converter is advertising-supported, but can be fully customised to fit the look of your site without additional charges. The advertising can also be removed for a fee.
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Task Force's Free Clip Art [2867] Hits   
NVTech produce TaskForce Image Commander software and a CD-ROM of over 35,000 clip-art images (3,000 of them suitable for use on web sites) as a commercial product for $US40. However, they also make a lite version of their image viewing software and a few hundred images available on their site as freeware downloads.
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Noetic Art [5119] Hits   
A very large, original collection of cartoon-style clip art on an equally wide variety of themes (some animated). Also offers a smaller collection of original fonts and Paint Shop Pro tubes. Freeware (link requested)
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The Amazing Picture Machine [1544] Hits   
The Amazing Picture Machine is a creation of the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL). It offers an easy way to search for pictures on specific topics. The search is fast and coverage is very good. Not all of the pictures the engine links to are freeware, however, and if you wish to use some images you may need to negotiate with the copyright owner.
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Laurie's Free Web Graphics [2699] Hits   
A delightful collection of original web page sets and a very large selection of background tiles. Freeware (link requested, but optional).
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Muse Media [1590] Hits   
A large selection of original buttons, tile backgrounds, interface panels, bullets and page sets (some on floral themes). Freeware.
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JavaScript Compiler [1315] Hits   
The JSC is an unusual tool from Mozilla.Org that translates JavaScript source code into Java class files. This is very useful for web programmers who may want to short-circuit some translation issues between the two languages, but probably unsuitable for amateur programmers.
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Firefox [1425] Hits   
Netscape was the first mass-market browser and (to many) still the best. It now exists as the Firefox browser and to many people it's still the best web browser. It's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and you can enhance it with a wide range of add-ons. Freeware.
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Millanimations [9659] Hits   
Camilla Eriksson's charming site has more than 200 original cartoon-style animated gifs, classified by categories. Themes include love, people, flowers, animnals, dogs, cats, babies, children, aliens, computers and many more. Images are freeware for personal or non-profit use (link requested).
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Internet Explorer [1209] Hits   
It took Microsoft right up to a version 5.x release to come up with a browser comparable to Netscape (which is now Firefox) but IE is now used by 80% of more of the Net. his isn't because it's necessarily superior to other web browsers but because it's bundled with every copy of Windows. Freeware. Available for all Windows platforms and Mac.
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New Virtual Research [1396] Hits   
NVR manufacture Bordermania, a freeware set of plug-ins for Windows versions of PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro or Corel Photo-Paint which are particularly well-suited for making bevelled, framed, oval or circular buttons. An enhanced version (Bordermania Pro) is also available as 30-day trialware. Both software packages are available in English and French versions too!
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Texture Land [2184] Hits   
A medium-sized collection of textures that can be used for tiled backgrounds, wallpapers and 3D modelling. Freeware for personal use.
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McJeff's Technical Solutions [1842] Hits   
A very large collection of buttons, tiled backgrounds (more than 1000), page rules and animations. Freeware for personal or commercial use.
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Magic Wiz [1956] Hits   
This Thai site offers a small collection of original buttons, bullets and bars for white, black and mixed backgrounds as freeware.
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