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Skylighter's Military Clip Art [4848] Hits   
This site offers a small but high-quality collection of military clip art. It includes several animations along with graphics for armour, warbirds, badges and patches. All images are public domain and freeware.
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Stoik Software [1762] Hits   
Manufacturers of Picture Man, Painter, Art Gallery, Rubber, Album, Imagic, Video Man, Morph Man and Deformer, as well as Adobe PhotoShop plugins. Many freeware and trialware downloads are available onsite.
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Kaleidescape [2495] Hits   
A medium-sized collection of original strip and tile backgrounds. Freeware (link requested)
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Celine's Original GIFs [3280] Hits   
Celine Chamberlain's site contains a medium-sized collection of original seamless tiled backgrounds, rules, bullets, arrows and and assorted icons. All graphics are freeware.
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SoundHunter [1576] Hits   
This site distributes custom made sound effects for web sites in .WAV format. All clips are quite unique (eg: boiling potatoes, distant helicopter) and are freeware. Soundhunter also has links to other sites that share sound effects in wavs, midi and mp3 formats.
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ScreenPrint Gold [1403] Hits   
ScreenPrint Gold is advanced Windows screen-capture software that will allow you to capture entire screens - or portions of screens - quickly and simply. This formerly commercial product has many advanced features and won Windows Magazine's Top 100 award in 1997, 1998 and 1999. It is now available as freeware. Remarkable.
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Siampage.Com [2652] Hits   
A small but beautiful range of original interface panels and labelled and blank oval and rectangular capsule buttons - all for white and black backgrounds. Freeware for personal and business use (link requested).
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Shineout [3216] Hits   
Offers more than 130 original tiled backgrounds, 40 animated tile backgrounds and 4 fractal-based Windows wallpapers. Freeware.
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Shawn's Clip Art and Webateria [7907] Hits   
A large (and quite superb) collection of original, cartoon style clip art. Most images are available as GIFs for black and white backgrounds, grouped by subject area. Freeware for personal use.
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Julianne's Background Textures [2689] Hits   
This fast-loading site offers over 1,000 original background textures/tiles as freeware. All tiles are arranged into colour groupings and the site allows onscreen background previewing as well.
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Submit Blaster [1191] Hits   
Trialware software which (in its free mode) allows you to complete a single form and submit your site to 21 popular search engines. This rises to 120 in the full version.
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Creative Designs Clip Art Gallery [12667] Hits   
This site offers a medium-sized collection of cartoon-style clipart as freeware for non-commercial use. Themes include office, business, nature, sports, computers and recreation.
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Ribbon Rail's Historic Train Images [2816] Hits   
Ribbon Rail provide a very large collection of monochrome railroad clip art on their site. The images are GIFs and JPGs and may be more immediately suitable for DTP than the Net, but all images are freeware (link requested) and can be altered for Net use without permission. Themes include rolling stock, diesels, heralds, railroad people, signs, structures, and new and old (ie pre-1900) engines.
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QuickBanner [1622] Hits   
Bpath's QuickBanner tool enables you to choose a banner background from a wide selection of 500 ready-made templates. Once the template has been chosen, you can add customized text to generate a professional banner quickly and easily. Templates are available on a wide variety of common themes, and the service is freeware.
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The Classical Midi Archives [1556] Hits   
Pierre Schwob's immense Classical Midi Archive holds over 9,000 classical music files in midi format from close to 700 different composers. You can listen to up to 100 tracks per day for free here. Many of the files here can be copied for use on web pages - others require the consent of the individual composer. Freeware.
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ProDraw Graphics [2632] Hits   
This very fast and bright site offers a wide range of cartoon clip art, animated GIFs, buttons and 3D graphics as freeware. The site also has links to graphics software tools, a site announcement service and several other useful things.
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Pixelator Web Graphics [3191] Hits   
An original collection of animations, ray-traced graphics, "Under Construction" banners, rules, buttons, 3D text and backgrounds. Freeware (link requested)
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The Perl Archive [1257] Hits   
This very large guide to Perl scripts lists several thousand of them. Uniquely, it also has a large online Perl tutorial and a very active forum area, hosting hundreds of discussions at any time, at all levels.
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JPEG Wizard [1433] Hits   
Pwegasus Imaging's JPEG Wizard provides very tight JPG file compression without high pixel loss (better than Photoshop, the company says). You can obtain a free demo version on Pegasus' site, or buy a licensed version for between US$29 and US$69 (the higher-priced version will process jpg images in batch mode)
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Pambytes [3544] Hits   
Offers hundreds of free original strip and tile backgrounds, arrows, web page image sets, buttons, and clipart. Freeware for personal or commercial use.
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