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Carmen Graphics [1959] Hits   
A small collection of original tiled backgrounds; bevelled, flat and navigational buttons; JavaScripted interface panels and JavaScripts. Also offers a free online Meta tag generator and links to a number of web utilities (counters, cgi scripts etc). Freeware.
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Boutell.Com [1003] Hits   
Manufacturers of MapEdit, Morning Paper, Shared Calendars, Wusage, Weblater and other web site-related productivity freeware and trialware.
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Boston Creative Design Free Buttons [1948] Hits   
This site provides a small collection of round, square and rectangular blank 3D coloured buttons as freeware.
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Boogie Jack's Web Depot [1534] Hits   
A large collection of original strip and tile backgrounds, navigation buttons sets, banners and rules. Also had additional webmaster resources. Freeware for personal use (link requested)
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BlueJ [1432] Hits   
BlueJ is an integrated Java development environment specifically designed for teaching object-oriented programming with Java. It was developed at Monash University in Australia and is suitable for both teachers and individuals who want to learn or use Java. Freeware!
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Bleu Moon's Free Graphics [2624] Hits   
This site offers over 250 original free tiled backgrounds, 250 animations, 45 original desktop wallpapers, hotbar skins for IE and Netscape, 30 skins for WinAmp and links to many other Internet resources. All graphics are freeware for personal use (link requested)
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Behemot Graphics Editor [1427] Hits   
An advanced graphics editor which allows 3D modelling and the rendering of 3D objects and scenes. Runs on Windows 3.x/95/NT and Linux. Also allows animation effects via Prolog. Provides wireframe or shaded modelling features, and can export in VRML or MPEG too. Freeware.
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Barry's Clip Art Server [6968] Hits   
One of the Net's largest categorised collections of high quality cartoon-like clip art images on an extensive range of themes. Many are monochrome, but just as many are colorised and as suitable for web use as DTP. Also includes several hundred animated GIFs. Freeware (link requested) Awesome!
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BBEdit [1315] Hits   
A leading HTML editor for Mac users. Available in both full commercial and reduced-feature freeware or trialware versions. BareBones also have several other useful downloads for Mac enthusiasts, including their MailSmith web mailing list manager.
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BannerMall [1886] Hits   
BannerMall is a free banner exchange service with a 3:2 exchange ratio (ie for every 3 banners you expose on your site, you earn 2 banner exposures on other sites). This service also offers banner targeting for higher click-thrus.
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Back Alley Web [2619] Hits   
A small collection of public domain animated GIFS and tile backgrounds. Also has a collection of MIDI files for download, plus PhotoShop tips. Freeware.
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AuctionPro 2000 [1345] Hits   
AuctionPro 2000 is a freeware program that allows you to create very simple web pages. Although primarily intended as a tool to allow you to build fully-featured web pages for use in online auctions, the software can also be used for simple home pages too. For Windows 95, 98 and NT.
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Ditto.Com [2891] Hits   
Ditto.Com is a high-end visual search engine that allows you to search amongst 5 million graphics to find images you need. This engine is very fast and surprisingly comprehensive, though many of the images it indexes are copyrighted and (if you wish to use them) you may need to negotiate with the site owner.
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Arcadia Animations [6842] Hits   
This site offers close to 500 public domain animations categorised by theme, along with 84 backgrounds. Topics include Star Trek, cartoons, valentines, aliens, animals, babies, body parts, email, festive, flags, flames, household items and more. Freeware.
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Arachnophilia [1518] Hits   
Arachnophilia is a powerful web site workshop for Windows 95/98 or NT. The program supports frames, java, javascript and Perl. It also has as 120K-word spellchecker, support for 6 browsrs and global search and replace built in, and offers a slew of advanced features and online tutorials. Amazingly, it's distributed as freeware.
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Animation Creations [2289] Hits   
Global Presence offer 300 largely original animated gifs as freeware for personal or commercial use, broken down into a dozen categories. The site also has a number of animation collections available on ROM for $US10 each.
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ALX Free Guestbook [1468] Hits   
Swedish firm Alx offer a free off-site guestbook that you can link into your site. The guestbook can be configured and administered entirely through a browser screen, and font style, type and custom images or text can also be added. The guestbook is supported by banner ads, which can be removed for a $US10 fee.
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Access Clipart [5172] Hits   
This site offers an enormous collection of freeware tiled backgrounds, animations, cartoons and photographic quality clip-art broken down into hundred of categories. Awesome!
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ABC Graphics [946] Hits   
This huge site offers more than 1400 pages of seamless tile backgrounds, as well as equally substantial collections of buttons, fonts, 3D bullets, 3D balls, rules, arrows and banners. All graohics are freeware.
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Sirius' Java Applets [1505] Hits   
UK Java developers Sirius have 3 freeware and several trialware Java applets available for download on their site - including fading images, fading text, a tree view navigation system, multi-line scrolling text and typewriter effects. The applets form part of much larger professional collections the company has for sale.
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