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FontSite [6665] Hits   
This gorgeous site is really a font ezine. It contains lots of articles about fonts and font design, a font bookstore, the "rules of typography" and a large archive of past articles. It also offers a great (if small) collection of downloadable shareware fonts in both Windows and Mac formats, including the incredibly useful CombiNumerals font that will produce bulleted numbers. A CD of 500+ fonts is also available here for $US29.95.
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Fontopolis [2294] Hits   
This charming site offers new TrueType fonts every other day and has a very large archive of fonts (and several font utilities) available as freeware downloads. Archived fonts can be searched alphabetically or by style.
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Fonthead Design [2202] Hits   
Fonthead Design are a professional type design studio who retail a large range of commercial type faces on CD-ROMs. Their site also offers several excellent faces (such as Spillmilk, GoodDog, Holstein and others) as free downloads in Windows and Mac formats, along with a tutorial on how to create fonts and a large list of font software links.
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Font Garden [2160] Hits   
Font Garden offer 1000+ TrueType and Postcript fonts as freeware, along with a help forum and 300 dingbats. New fonts are posted regularly.
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FontFrame [7781] Hits   
This large, well-designed site offers more than 700 freeware Windows and Mac fonts along with a free daily font, background data on type and typography, a free email newsletter and quite a lot more. Impressive!
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FontFace [1770] Hits   
FontFace contains a library of hundreds of freeware and shareware TrueType fonts you can download on-screen. This very large, fast-loading site allows you to search for fonts by name and stocks many unique font styles.
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Annuaire Guide Site Liens [2142] Hits   
This useful French site provides a wide list of links to sites of interest to webmasters, covering topics such as images, fonts, robots, referencing, music files and much more. The site is written entirely in French and the links are well-researched and extensive.
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Cool Archive [2505] Hits   
This enormous site offers hundreds of free fonts, animations, icons, clip art graphics, bullets, bars, arrows and sounds. It also has an online logo generator, button-maker, forums, HTML tips... and more! Awesome.
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ThumbsPlus [2414] Hits   
ThumbsPlus is an image catalogue program which allows you to locate, view, edit, print and organize your images, metafiles, fonts and movies. Voted the best photo album for Windows by Digital Camera Magazine in 1999, and distributed as shareware (ThumbPlus 3.x and earlier) or trialware (4.x onwards). Both Windows and Mac versions are available.
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Barcode 1 [1734] Hits   
Russ Adam, who's written several books on bar codes, has put together the definitive Net resource site for everything connected with bar codes and bar code fonts. This enormously specialised site has extensive lists of barcode shareware, barcode font resources... even a barcode discussion forum! If you're looking for anything to do with bar codes or bar code fonts, this is definitely the best place to start.
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ABC Graphics [946] Hits   
This huge site offers more than 1400 pages of seamless tile backgrounds, as well as equally substantial collections of buttons, fonts, 3D bullets, 3D balls, rules, arrows and banners. All graohics are freeware.
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4yeo's Linkware Graphics [3258] Hits   
This huge site offers close to 6,000 original graphics as linkware for personal use including animations, holiday graphics, themed sets, fonts, backgrounds, dividers, bullets, textures, buttons and graphics grouped by topic (eg: flowers, sport, food, music, women etc). Fast-loading too!
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1Fonts.Com [1915] Hits   
Offers over 900 TrueType and Mac fonts. Also has extensive newsletter mailing lists. Freeware.
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1001 Free Fonts [1806] Hits   
This vast site has 1000+ free TrueType fonts available for download - along with links to many other web resources. Owner Jason Nolan updates the site with new fonts regularly as well.
(Score = 0.01335) [More like this] Rate It Comments? [1489] Hits   
This site offers several hundred freeware and shareware TrueType fonts, classified alphabetically by font name. The site is fast-loading and easy to navigate.
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Fontastic! [1635] Hits   
A magnificent font archive from Europe that holds literally hundreds of high-quality freeware and shareware TrueType fonts, all available as downloads. Also has links to some other great font repositories.
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Toxic Type [1500] Hits   
Rob Dobi's Toxic Type offers more than 10 of his original, striking Windows TrueType fonts as free downloads.
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Total Eclipse Design's Fonts [1924] Hits   
This site offers over 150+ TrueType fonts as freeware. All fonts are arranged alphabetically. The site also offers a small collection of font utility downloads including TT Converter (which will convert TrueType fonts to Mac format)
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Type Euphoria [2047] Hits   
This wonderfully designed site offers over 1000 fonts in a wide range of styles. Type Euphoria also has a search engine to allow you to search for fonts by name; software to help you manage, use and create fonts; and a large resources section. All fonts are TrueType and freeware. Excellent!
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Katgyrl's Fontain of Youth [5929] Hits   
This gorgeously presented site offers 50 TrueType fonts, a unique collection of dingbats (including X-Files, Star Wars, seasonal and halloween ones) and downloadable font utilities and tools. All fonts - and related font software - are free.
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