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Special Note:
4th December 2007: After 7 years away from The Free Graphics Store engaged with other projects, we're coming back! Quite a lot has changed over the last 7 years - not just with the Net but with web design as a whole - and in 2008 we'll be completely making over our site to accommodate this.

In the meantime, we've had to temporarily turn off this section of our site (ie your ability to add your own site to our Resources Directory) while we weed dead links out of the Directory and make some adjustments to it.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. But please look for an announcement on our web site when this feature is reinstated in early 2008.

How To Add Your Site

The Free Graphics Store's Resource Directory is a comprehensive one-stop guide to everything available online to enhance or extend a web site. It doesn't matter whether it's freeware, shareware, trialware or fully commercial products or services - if your site offers something worthwhile in this area, acceptance in the directory is almost guaranteed.

We also list personal home pages as well as commercial and not-for-profit sites. About the only sites we reject are those which have no connection to our subject area or those which contain (or link to) objectionable material. But if you're in any doubt about whether your site qualifies, just ask us!

How To List Your Site Correctly

To list your site for best results, you should first check to be sure we don't already list you. Then - if we don't - you should select the most appropriate major category that best describes the subject area your site falls under (or feel free to suggest a new one). After this, fill in the remaining details we need to know and click the "Submit URL" button when you're done. Simple! We'll review your site in person and let you know the outcome by email. This usually occurs within a few business days, and never longer than week.

Note: Since many sites can be searched for using a wide variety of terms, you can (and should) include up to 15 keywords that adequately describe what you do. Please separate your keywords with spaces, not commas.

Eg: A graphics site which offers a broad range of graphics but specialises in dogs and cats might want to be listed in the Web Graphics category under "General Collections" but might also want to be found whenever anyone was searching for one of its specialties. Appropriate keywords would be: dogs cats bullets buttons backgrounds graphics animations rules lines rulers pointers dots gifs jpgs

Can I List More Than Once?

Some sites really do fit into more than one category. We're sympathetic to this dilemma. For example, you may offer cut-and-paste JavaScripts on your site AND be available for web authoring work. Or you may be a software manufacturer with three different products, and people may search for you by either your company name and/or individual product names.

In such cases, we do think it would be appropriate to list your site (or products) under the different categories that apply. Naturally, we'll review your listings in person and decide if they're appropriate or not in the circumstances.

I've Moved My Site! Can I Change..?

We spider our database once a month to ensure all listings are current and delete any sites that turn up as "missing". So if you move your site after you've listed with us and neglect to let us know, your entry will be erased from the Resources Directory soon afterwards.

You can preserve your listing - or update it, if you site's content changes - by filling in a Change Request form. You'll be sent the URL for this form by email after your listing is accepted. If you've lost your email, though, you can ask us for the URL.

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